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Is it weird to make your own shower invitations?

My mom is paying for the shower and my friends are getting together to plan the shower but they asked me to get the shower invitations out ASAP since we are getting close to the shower date May 3rd. Is this weird to make your own invitations, I feel kind of funny finding a poem for an invitation for myself...

Re: Is it weird to make your own shower invitations?

  • I think it's a bit strange to expect you to do it. That really should be handled by one of the hosts, though you should provide them with a list of people you want invited and their addresses.?

    Unless you are a very proficient stationary artist, I can't imagine why they'd assume it was your place to make/send the invites. ?

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  • I think it's bit odd. If they are throwing your shower, then they should do it. I don't know why they think it's your responsibility.
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  • Do they expect you to find and pay for the invites? I helped my mom pick the saying for mine but she did everything else.
  • Although it is strange for a group of friends to do this, I am making my own. I am fairly good at makign shower invites but was still put out a bit when MIL assumed I would be doing it for my shower. I am just giong with it tho. FOr my other shower I designed them & gave the design to my sister via memory stick & she took it from there. They really should have taken care of it tho!

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  • I am making my shower invites. My mom and grandma are hosting, but they are busy ladies and I quit my job and stay home all day. I have the time and energy to put into it. I ended up make a photo baby shower invite on I took a photo of DH and I at 9 months old and the captions reads "Our Babies are having a Baby!" I haven't sent them out yet, but they turned out really cute, and it is more personal than your average duckies and baby bottle motif.
  • I made my own and I wanted to.  I am on bedrest and bored.  I am also the artsy person in my family.  In a perfect world everything would be done for the mom to be.  I know my mom and cousin are pressed and I am glad I could is for me and my babies afterall.  Don't feel weird, just have fun.

  • I couldn't imagine my DD making her own...she was working full-time and didn't have the time (nor is she artsy).  Her girlfirend bought them ready made.  I'm very surprised at how many people DO make their own.  Waste of time IMO...people just throw them out.  I'm going to a shower Sunday and as soon as I called to RSVP it went in the trash (it was homemade and cute...but I had no reason to "save" it).
  • i made mine, but, i am a graphic designer starting my own business- so, i plan on using them as samples. i gave a list of invitees to the hostesses and they bought the envelopes and addressed everything. i enjoyed making them!
  • I also made my own... the moms (mom,step mom and MIL) are throwing the shower but they're all too busy so they asked me to take care of this aspect. ?It was no biggie. ?My husband made one on photoshop and we printed it at office depot. ?It came out to $45 for 90 invites! ?I didn't think too much of it.?
  • I work for my mom so she asked me to handle it as an aspect of my job.  I did it on her time.  Gave the finished invites and the guest list to her and the other hostess and they addressed and mailed them.  They came out really cute and I know that I am happier with them then store bought ones.
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  • Usually you are just to give them a guest list with addresses.  To expect you to do this is weird...but I made mine, but that's because I wanted to.  I also sent them out, but again, I offered.  I made sure my hand writing wasn't on them.  I ordered customized return address labels from (only a couple dollars - got my invites there too after making it in Photoshop) and printed out labels on my own printer with everyone's address. 
  • It does seem a little odd.
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