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NBR: Gardening in So. Fla

We've been living in our new home for four months now...seems longer though--and want to do some gardening. We have three areas that need work; the front patio which has several bamboo palms, silver palms, and one beautiful triangle palm that greets us as we enter our circular driveway.  I would like to plant some Bermuda grass because the lawn looks brown.  As well as vibrant colors to line the driveway and pathway to front door.  What flowers survive best here is So. Fla.?  Recommendations?  Any advice?

The second area - is the kiddie area - it is shaded, we have a climber there but the ground is covered in rocks...we want to put playground mats -- any recommendations on where to purchase these?

The third area - I would like to garden in - we have a mango tree (yeah!) and is blooming, I planted some culantro, aloe vera, and gandules.  I would also like to plant some tomatoes, peppers, and more herbs - I'm a newbie to all of this...

 Please share any pics or advice you may have to offer.  Thanks


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  • If you want color, you have 2 options... you can do flowers, but they are annual and will die when it gets too hot, so now is not really a great time to plant them. I would suggest plants with color, like hibiscus bushes which will give you big pretty pink flowers on them, or Purple shower which have small purple flowers on them, Alamanda will give you small yellow flowers,  plants like that. You can go to Home depot and look around to get ideas of what you like, but planting flowers right now would not last very long.
  • hibiscus are great in so fla and they'll flourish and bloom quite a bit. they have a range of colors from pinks to yellows. Bouganvilleas will also bloom, but they thrive in drier weather, so if it's a rain season, they won't flower much.  We have marigolds planted out front and they've been blooming since last summer.  They die occasionally,but they always come back after about a month or so.  Oh, another small flowering plant that won't die is called Blue Daze.  It's really pretty but grows kinda wild.  We have that around our trees and then marigolds surrounding those.  oh, and gardenia bushes grow really well down here, too!

     we also grow tomatoes, aloe and herbs.  my next project is building a flower box and growing different types of lettuce!! 

    just remember- since we're under water restriction, you can only water certain days.  However, if you've just done landscaping, you are allowed to water every day for a month! 

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  • Thank you soo much for all of the advice...this will be next weekend's project.
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