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Another Poll: Guys or Gals?

And noooo, not in the way you mean! Get your mind outta the gutter!

Okay, its Friday and working at work is really not appealing to me. So, lets chit chat. My friend Martha is a budding writer who also has a terrific new blog. This week she blogged about having a sisterhood of girlfriends and how she never gets how some girls are only close friends with guys.

Read it here.

Anyway. Do tell. Were you one of those (or still are) with guy best friends or more guy friends than girl friends? How did your DH's deal with that while you dated? Was your DH one of those at first?

Come on....lets chat.

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Re: Another Poll: Guys or Gals?

  • I will answer first! :) I was always a girlfriends girl. I had guy friends who I was super close to at different times but I always fell back on my girls for the really important stuff.
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  • Well, the guys that were my friends ended up being boyfriends so friendship never worked out. I usually stuck to my girlfriends :)
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  • girlfriends - so we can share clothes, gossip, and life stories :)

    now a days - only have 1 close bff (not including my sis)....that would be mrs.form :)

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  • When I was in high school most of my close friends were girl friends. When I went off to college it kinda changed. My closest friends were my guy friends, not sure why. I did have some close girl friends but it wasn't the same. Now I'm back in the girl friends stage.
  • In high school I had guy friends and girl friends but you always need your girl friends for the good stuff! and as Ceseve mentioned we really have each other now apart from our sisters.
  • I was definitely with girlfriends.  However, once I started my 3rd year at school, ( I studied engineering)  I was one of the few girls in the class, so my study mates where mostly guys, myself and my bestfriend ( girl) and now the same.  At work, I'm the only female engineer in the office so it's always the guys and me.  I think DH had a few moments, but he got over them.  There isn't much I could do, recruit more chicks to study engineering?


  • I guess I will be the one to break the ice then. I had and still have tons of guy friends. I've noticed that "many" women tend to not understand it but honestly it's pretty simple. I have always been a sociable person and always try and be the best friend I can be to everyone I know until they cross a fine line with me. As great as it is to have girlfriends to chit chat, shop and hang out there are very few that are very trustworthy and honest good hearted friends. I always have sensed a bit of competition when it comes to women about oh what are you wearing so I can try and look hotter (kind of deal), etc. I really don't have time for that crap in my life. If anything I would be willing to take off my shoes and lend them to you if you liked them. I think it's petty stuff but then jealousy and other ugly things begin to brew. JMHO I also had a "best friend" for over 4 1/2 years that cheated with my boyfriend of 4 years and had a child by him, so yes there are also trust issues that I'm fully aware of. I will go as far as saying that I've had very few relationships in my lifetime because my relationships have lasted long amount of years for a reason. I only find men that have been respectful in every way and treated me the way I felt I was deserved to be treated. I'm a believer that if you love yourself, the person you choose to be with should love you just as much. With this said, all the girlfriends I've had always wanted to know my secret but I try and explain that you attract and choose to have people in your life that bring nothing but happiness. Truthfully I am always supportive to them through their good and bad times but they focus more on living my life instead of just being themselves.

    I think what is different with me is the fact that I am not an arguer and give and take with my relationship. I think that not only do you need to be a loving companion but also a best friend. If DH tells me babe we are all going to hang out to play cards, dominoes and bbq at a friends house I'm like ok no problem. I actually enjoy kicking back to do these things. Then all the other guys girlfriends are like, "Babe let's go already! I'm bored and tired." Then they wonder why the guys don't mind if I hang out because I don't b!tch half of the time. Bottom line is that I'm there for DH not with any other intentions what so ever. I stick to my one guy and our friends are like little brothers to me. They talk to me about things they don't like to talk with the other guys about and DH is happy to see that his friends enjoy my company because DH loves for us to spend quality time together. Above all it's easy to be friends with guys. Theres no lasting DRAMA. I hate drama and stay away from it all. If something goes on that you don't like with the guys, you tell them like it is. If their true friends, you work it out and tomorrow it's squashed. As far as female friends I've known, many hold grudges and this are always ackward. The many female friends I have are individualy great ladies. They are just as sweet, kind hearted, level headed, goal oriented and live life for them while they care about others. It's never about quantity but about quality of friends in my book.

    Hopefully I didn't hit any wrong buttons here but I'm just stating my opinion. Though you know you girls are great. Nicest bunch of girls I've met in a long time.

  • Oh Mel, I read what your friend wrote in her blog. Though the drama I speak about with women can be about women needing to feel something... ANYTHING... even if it is a negative in their life and they know it. They seek what they know is not right for them yet want a pitty party. It's like no mama, I believe everyone can make a wrong choice in life but if it's not right for you then walk away. If you keep running back for the same drama then you are a fool. Sorry it's blunt but what do they think that if they convince themselves enough then they will begin to believe it? I may love you like a friend but I can't feel sorry for you again. That's kind of where I draw the line for tears. I have patience for people that actually make some kind of sense and even if their paths are crossed and don't know which way to go, I will support them through the way.
  • This is the first time in my life that the majority of my friends are girls. In high school and college I always had mostly guy friends.
  • I always had girlfriends through HS.  In HS, our group of friends included more guys, so naturally, I had some good guy friends, ex-BF included.  Then college came along.  My 2 BFF were guys... we were the 3 muskuteers.  But when I got back together w/ ex-BF, he wasn't fond of the idea, considering he never liked them from the beginning... whole other story.  So, unfortunately, the friendship dwindled, or at least wasn't as strong.

    I graduated, and we lost touch.  At this point my group of friends were girls from my sorority... and then I met DH, and it continued that way.

    -- Jackie
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  • I was always best friends with guys.  In fact (and i think some of you saw my status on my facebook about being happy) my best friend from high school actually wrote me last night on myspace.  he was like a brother to me.  Then, during college, all my best friends were guys... in fact, it's how I met DH.  We also becaues incredibly close, which is how we started dating, i guess.  He was fine with me having guy friends, however i tended to stray a bit from the friends, knowing that, alothough DH was incredibly cool with having guy friends and trusted me, if it were the other way around, I would be incredibly uncomfortable iwth DH hanging out with girlfriends alone.  So, instead of being hypocritical, I tended to not hang out with the guys exclusively alone.  We talk on the phone or email, but I always tell DH, I show him the emails, and if we hang out, we do it in a group.  Might be weird, but at least i know that, even though he won't say it, DH appreciates it.


  • imageMelanieJH1016:
    This is the first time in my life that the majority of my friends are girls. In high school and college I always had mostly guy friends.

     me too!

    and what jessie said (right, was it jessie?  i can't scroll back up right now to look lol) i totally agree with.  at least with a lot of my old girl friends, i always felt like it was a huge compeittion.  with the guys, i'm there with my dh and the guys are like brothers.  we're buddies.  and i can kick back, drink, and play video games with the best of them (and have been known to kick their @sses many a time in the video game department!!  lol) i love that i have girl friends now, and especially being a new mom, it's nice to have close girl friends to talk to, share experiences with,e tc...  the girl friends i have now (present company included0 are probably the most down to earth, sweetest girls i've ever met!!

  • I have always had about the same amount. To be honest Richard is my BEST friend, for the past almost nine years.  I have my same bff from middle school, who is now expecting, and all of our friends combined are, I'd say more men than women.  In fact today we are having friends over for cocktails and its only me and one other lady... 5 men, the other lady is one of theirs gf =/  Thanks to you girls, I now have a lot of lady friends who are going through the same excact stages in life, as I am, and I feel really close to some of you.  Other than ya'll, there are few women I am REALLY close friends with IRL.  ALL of my friends who Richard and I have kept in contact with since high school are men, and from college we have a few more women friends, since that was more recent I guess.
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