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Update: Mel,Tweety, Jackie's, Mirielle & GiviRN

Thank you ladies for all your support. I know a lot of bumpies don't know what to say or respond to all my hardships but it's nice to see that even through the hard times, I have friends like you that can simply let me know your thoughts are with me. You know that I have always loved sharing all your joys as mothers and mothers to be as well. It's never been for people to feel ackward because I haven't had it easy along the way. Yes it's hard (I won't lie) and yes it's unfortunate but my hope and dreams are still alive. Your joy is my joy and I know you girls pull me through all this to continue with my journey of becoming a mommy one day. Whether it be through in vitro or adoption, I will have my day to announce my moment of motherhood some day. Big Smile

I just wanted to touch base and let you know that your prayers have meant a lot. I spoke with the nurse this morning to get my blood work results and they went down just a little bit to 97. Hey that is a huge stress off my shoulders. That means that even though it didn't drop down half (as it should have) at least it went down instead of up. I'm still drinking my "te de manzanilla" that my grandmother and mom are forcing me to drink and help cleanse my system. I'm still not in the clear yet but at least it is the best news I could've got today. Hopefully by Monday when I see the doctor, I've progressed much more and before I know it...we can schedule a meeting with the in RE.

Much love, Jessi

Re: Update: Mel,Tweety, Jackie's, Mirielle & GiviRN

  • Oh Jessi, glad to see your spirit is up.  I'm also glad to hear that your beta is decreasing, even if it is slightly... you take what you get right?

    You are always in my prayers.  I know you will make a wonderful mommy when your time comes.  ::hugs::

    And like always, let me know if you need anything!  Oh, and Carmencita te de Manzanilla are the best... but I may be biased b/c DH sells it.  =)

    -- Jackie
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  • Ditto, Jackie. A decrease is a decrease! You have such a positive attitude and...as a friend of mine always tells me...THOUGHTS BECOME THINGS! Keep your chin up, keep that pretty smile on your face and all of your dreams will come true. Maybe not in the way you originally imagined but it is my firm belief that things happen for a reason and your time will come.


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  • Thanks ladies. Yup just wait till my poor future child misbehaves...oh are they going to hear it about how hard I worked to have them. LOL No but seriously you are like family in a weird way. It's great to hear your situations, suggestions and daily things. Helps me prepare for the future. You girls would laugh with how I have a journal full of info you all have provided. I store things like food stages, teething, links, recommendations, etc. I admit I'm an organized freak like Hale aka Jen, claims to be. hehehe I guess you can never be too prepared right?

    Oh Jackie I also wanted to tell you that I ordered The Fertility Diet book and The Couple's Guide to In Vitro Fertilization: Everything You Need to Know to Maximize Your Chances of Success. Both recommended to me, so we will see how they are.

  • Aww..there is no need to thank any of us silly!! That's what we are here for..I know that at times it is difficult to approach or talk to someone going through your situation, but I remember feeling lonely and sad because no one in my family knew what that we were TTC and having difficulty. The bumpies were a source of sanity and positivity for me (even though I have never personally met any of you..). I firmly believe that "everything happens for a reason" and you might not know why all of this is taking place now, but one day it will all come together (I PROMISE)!! ((HUGS))
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  • Givette, I'm a firm believer that we don't choose to be in this life as well as we don't choose when we leave. I try not to question why because it's all out of my hands. All I can do is continue trying and having faith. The way I look at it is that as a mother you will fight to the end to protect your child so I'm fighting till the end to get my child. If life proves to me that my body can't provide that, then I'm destined to save another life. One way or another I will feel complete when the time is right.

    I do know that people are fearful of saying the wrong thing and may hesitate being there for you but I've learned that people who care, will be there through the good and bad times. My point is that sometimes it's the smallest thing that can mean the world to someone and right now, you girls have provided that for me. Your geniune care and concern or just being there to hear my sadness as well as my optimism is important. It's funny when you see over 100+ views to a post but 6 replies. You just feel like your out of place at times. It's hard when you need others to help with symptoms, etc. yet feel like your bringing down the spirit of the board. I hope that is not what I've done to many and I really don't want to feel like other people are distant when talking to me about their joyous moments because if anything I'm right by all your sides celebrating along the way.

  • Awwww... well of course we are there for ya!

     Well I agree as well that all things happen for a reason but I am also a firm believer that God did not make women that couldn't procreate!! It WILL happen trust me, the bad thing is that it doesn't always happen when we want it to but you continue with your chin up and think positive!


  • Thanks mamita, besitos. Don't worry soon enough we can have an all blown out spongebob party for the kids. Stick out tongue
  • imagemiamicubajam:
    Thanks mamita, besitos. Don't worry soon enough we can have an all blown out spongebob party for the kids. Stick out tongue
  • Ok I dont know what happened in the post above but yeah!! def! With lots of bubble blowing ;)
  • hey jessi...i didnt reply to your last post but i do think of you often. just wanted you to know that even though i can not relate i definitely feel your pain. as you know, i've "known" you for years so i def now what you have been thru - gl to you....i live by my motto: "every time 1 door closes there's usually a window that opens up for you"
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  • Just wanted to say that although I am one of those that sometimes reads but doesn't know what to say because we don't really know each other.... from what I know from this board, I think you are a lovely person who will make a great mommy someday, and you are in my prayers!
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  • We will be praying your appt goes well on Monday.  You have been through soo much, we pray you will soon have your baby.



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