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XP: Need quotes/opinions from real mommies

I'm hoping over from my local board, I am hoping that some of you could help me out.  I started a blog to promote my blooming bouquets and would like my next post be a list of real mommy quotes about the bouquets.  So far I have:

 What are real moms saying about these darling bouquets? 

"Those would make great gifts to bring to the hospital after a baby is born instead of flowers that will die!"

"That is so cute! WAY nicer looking and more practical than a diaper cake!"

"OMG.  I want to get pregnant right now so that I can have you make one for me!"

Here's the link:

Also- what do you think of the items inside my bouquets?  Do you actually use onesies, burp cloths, lap bands, wash clothes, hooded towels, pants, sleepers, gowns, sheet, socks, newborn scratch mittens?

I have been told to not include blankets because you get too many whether you register for them or not.  Anything else you can suggest?

What about sizes?  Would you prefer a "Room to Grow" basket with sizes newborn to 12 mths?  


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Re: XP: Need quotes/opinions from real mommies

  • I haven't had my baby yet, but those baskets are adorable! They definitely seem way cuter than diaper cakes and are certainly prettier. I think a "Room to Grow" basket would be nice. Everyone wants to buy you newborn stuff your baby grows out of in a minute and a half. They would definitely be a nice, practical alternative to regular flowers. I would post this on the Baby Shower board if you haven't done so already. GL!
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