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Ayva's EEG was finally better!  Half of her brain was COMPLETLY normal and the other half was better!!!



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Re: YES!!

  • WAAHOO!!!! 
  • SO GREAT!!!!!

    Thanks for sharing Big Smile

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  • That is great news!
  • Awesome news! Great to hear!
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  • Yay!!  So glad that things are looking up!!  :)
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  • That is great!
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  • OMG that is sooooooooooooo wonderful!!!!!!!  I am so excited for Ayva!!  Its so good to hear that those shots help!!! 

    I think of your little ones often and it really does make me almost tear up to hear that - I know how stressed you have been!

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  • Babies' brains are amazing things! Yay for looking better! Loving hearing good news about special little ones.
  • Oh my God - that is AMAZING. What great news!
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  • Oh, that is so, so, so wonderful!!!!!!
  • What GREAT news!!!
  • That's awesome!
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