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Level III sono question..

I asked this on 3rd Tri and recieved no answers.. was wondering if anyone here could help me out?  Thanks ladies!

 I was wondering if anyone had a level III sono and if so how it was different from a level II? I am scheduled to have a Fetal targeted level III tomorrow and wanted to know what to expect. It is being done by the genetic services due to a echogenic structure seen in the left ventricle of my baby's heart at the 20 week sono. A level III is not the same as a 3D correct? I tried google and didn't find anything helpful.. Thanks!

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Re: Level III sono question..

  • I don't believe it is the same as a 3D because in 3D ultrasounds they can't see the heart structure. I am sure it is just a more in depth ultra sound...we had MANY during my pregnancy due to a heart defect found at 20 weeks.
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  • Hi there.......

    I have not heard of a level III u/s...I had plenty of level II's due to them seeing birth defects. Maybe It is a very indepth level II. Sorry I couldn't help. OR..maybe they will be doing dopplers and things...not sure but I hope everything goes excellent!!!

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  • I had the level III sonogram yesterday.  A level III sono is the same as a level II only way more detailed.  They look for more and take more pictures of the brain/spine/ heart and other organs at every angle.  Thanks for your help ladies and now we know!
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  • How did It go? I hope everything is okay..I know how nerveracking It is when you are worried about u/s's!
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