Nertworking ,flyers and cards , oh my!!

We are getting ready to launch our networking and are recruiting family and friends to help out. We designed a flyer and business cards and everyone is getting excited to hand them out wherever they go! I have an old friend I reconnected with on FaceBook ( havent seen her in 25 years!) and she is so excited to help us out !!!

Are any of you doing a non agency adoption that requires doing most of the work on your own? I would love to hear how you are handling the Birthmother search! Are you doing cards, ads and flyers? Would you be willing to share? I am just wondering stuff is done and I am curious to know what others are doing!!

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Re: Nertworking ,flyers and cards , oh my!!

  • We are not, but awhile ago on the board someone said they saw bumper stickers with maybe a 1800 number or something for a BM to call if she wanted to place her baby. I think some people thought this was tacky but it probably would attract more attention than flyers and business cards (if you live in a high populated area with traffic lol).
  • My friends who adopted had a 1-800 bumper sticker because their agency told them it was a good way to advertise.

    In addition to the cards, ads, and flyers, they also had personalized pens made up with the 1-800 # and left the pens wherever they went - restaurants, pay phones (hard to find), offices, bowling alleys, etc.

    These ideas may be offensive to some, but this is what their agency recommended to market themselves.

    Ironically, none of these techniques worked for them and their baby came directly through the agency when the BM picked their profile.  So in the end, it was a lot of money spent, but you never know what will work.



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