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DS's team evaluation is Monday!

I'm so nervous. I'm just ready to get it over with. I know it's going to be a long morning, and I just hope he can keep focused and get through the evals without any major issues. He got hungry and tired when they did the speech eval and ELAP screening last week (they came right at lunch/naptime), so I hope this early morning appointment will work better for him.

Our screenings last week showed slight to moderate delays in pretty much every area, so I'm interested in seeing what tomorrow brings.

Here's my background post:


He's been doing a lot better at preschool since then. An earlier bedtime, absolutely no TV at night (a movie in the afternoon a few times per week), and walking him in instead of doing the drive-thru drop off have all helped a lot with his mood at school. Hopefully once we get started in therapy things will start to get even better for him.

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