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What do you do for child care?

DS is a preemie (26wkr) now 49wks. He is still on O2, we are trying to wean, but not going well. Have to go back to work in 5 weeks. I have a older child in a Kinder Care, pretty sure they don't take kids on O2. What are my options?

Re: What do you do for child care?

  • You could also try contacting your local chapter of The Arc, ours has a program called Opening Doors (not sure if that's national or local) that matches parents with providers who specialize in children with special needs and offers training, etc. I know a few who are former nurses.
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  • When I explored the idea of going back to work I asked our local visiting nurses association what my options were.  They pointed to a couple nursing companies that will assign a nurse to take care of LO at home.  Eventually I ended up having to SAH because my work was not really willing to work around the medical situations we have.  I'd start with a social worker at the local hospital if you don't know if you have VNA in your area.
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  • All I can say is be prepared for it to cost A LOT!


    I think that is why many special needs mom's decide to stay home... it costs more to hire a nanny than they make.


    That said, with the current recession, a lot of child care workers are desperate.  So you may be able to find a "regular" nanny, and train them to handle your DC's needs, and pull your older child out of Kindercare for now.  That is the direction I personally would go (unless I was independantly wealthy :) )

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