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Tell us: Postbaby emotions?

Hi Ladies!

We're working on a piece about all of the postbaby emotions new moms experience, what's "normal," and when you should be concerned. So here's what we want to know: Did you have any unusual mood swings after baby came? Did anything drive you absolutely nuts? Were you mostly sad or did you get angry easily? Was there anything DH would do or say that you just couldn't stand?

If you'd like to share your story, please either post below or email me at [email protected] as soon as possible! It doesn't have to be long -- a few sentences is fine, or even a small paragraph.

Thanks for reading:)


Re: Tell us: Postbaby emotions?

  • After I had DS I felt so sad because I didn't "Feel" like I loved him enough (as much as I should/he deserved)  I cried all the time and would break down.  As much as I knew about post pardom I honestly didn't realize I had it.  After a couple months I got over it and realized how silly I was being.

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  • The strangest thing I remember feeling is that I wasn't "in love" with DS yet. I didn't understand why I wasn't getting those incredible feelings that everyone promised I would have the second I heard his first cries. I know now that it's common for bonding to be a more delayed, prolonged process - and I am so in love with everything about him that I can hardly even stand it! I wish that someone had told me before he was born not to feel like there was something wrong with me if I wasn't totally enamored the first time I laid eyes on him.
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  • I agree with the previous posters that i wish someone had told me that it was normal to feel like i didn't love him enough at first.  I cringed every time a visitor would ask, "Don't you just love him more than anything?" because i felt like i had to smile and lie.  For me, bonding has been a very gradual process.
  • I had this vision in my head that the moment DS was born, he would become the center of my world and I would love him more than life itself.  However, after 23 hrs of hard labor and bleeding issues, I was so exhausted I could hardly look at him, much less hold him.  I had guilt for weeks after it.  Then one night, at 3am, I was nursing him and I looked down and realized he'd changed everything.  This time I am being more realistic about bonding time. 

    I would also cry the first 3-4 weeks for no reason.  I am not a "crier" so I didn't know what to do.  I wasn't sad or overwhelmed or anything.  DS would be asleep and I would just sit down and cry.  I would sometimes even laugh at myself b/c I couldn't make it stop.  Within a few weeks, that went away too.  Crazy hormones!

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