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Post for Ash123- anyone with fundo experience?

Hi everyone, Ash123 was apparently banned and doesn't know why, but she has a question for anyone who's baby has had the fundo procedure.  She's afraid Josiah's surgery has come undone. 

How often is a post-fundo baby expected to vomit and it still be considered "normal?"


Re: Post for Ash123- anyone with fundo experience?

  • My daughter has a fundo.  She doesn't vomit however so i don't know how much help I'll be.  She does still experience reflux - she gags and chokes if her rate is too high on the feeding pump.   At it's worse she gags, etc. about 5-10 times a feed.    She also has a gtube for all feedings.

    Our GI doc said that sometimes a fundo does loosen up and allow vomiting but still prevent aspiration on the lungs.    He didn't say how often.   I have heard of some kiddos still vomiting regularly but the fundo is considerd intact.

    Has she asked her GI doc about it?  Perhaps they can do an upper GI and a test to see if the fundo is indeed intact.  I would certainly ask about checking to be sure.

    Good luck to her!

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