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Did you ever wonder if the doctors were wrong?

I'm sure part of this is denial but there are some things that just aren't adding up for me and I'm pretty sure we are going to get a second opinion.

It won't hurt anything to get a second opinion especially since there are over 200 types of dwarfism.

 But for those of you who knew beforehand.  Did you ever wonder?

Re: Did you ever wonder if the doctors were wrong?

  • Hugs!  I would definitely get another opinion if you want it.  It certainly couldn't hurt.

    To answer your question...I didn't know about DS's condition beforehand, but sometimes I still wonder, "what if we are wrong?" ...even despite the evidence of my own eyes, since there really can't be anything else responsible for all of the symptoms that my DS has. 

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  • Because of the multitude and severity of DS's problems, I have thought about it.  I had a fabulous pregnancy up until the day I delivered and I have wondered what if it was something that could have been picked up sooner?
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  • Haha, yes this happened several times. I was told by three pediatricians that my son had reflux and colic, and was "100% okay". 

     Then, after someone finally took us serious and they found out that my son did have a large brain tumor, the oncologist didn't listen to us when we suggested that our son was developing hydrocephalus from the tumor and wouldn't even give him a CT scan to check.  My son suffered for 3 days of vomiting green bile and then went nearly comatose before they would "appease" us with a scan.  My son had an absolutely horrible case of hydro by then and his tumor had roughly doubled in size in 3 weeks.   We transferred to another hospital that day.

    I'm glad I trusted my instincts or my son wouldn't even be alive today.   And the moral of the story is that it never hurts to get a second opinion!!

  • The doctor suspected something was wrong with Marley at her 18 week fetal survey when they detected a 2 vessel umbilical cord as well as some other abnormalities that they "thought" they could see.

    Nothing was ever confirmed while I was pregnant except the 2 vessel cord. It was always "we think there is something wrong with her, but we're not really sure".

    It was only when she was born that we could see the entirety of her birth defects.

    Realistically, doctors can only tell so much from ultrasounds. It's an estimation they're making. Yeah, they can be wrong but I believe that even if they don't know what is specifically wrong- they know that something is wrong.

    Unfortunately, you're just not going to know the extent until she's born. I wish in your case they are wrong.?

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