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NICU follow-up appt was today

We had to reschedule our first 2 appointments for this because of one thing or another so this was a little over due!

I was really afraid that Drake wasn't going to do anything they asked because he doesn't do well in front of strangers.  Well, he clung to DH almost the entire time but he did pretty much everything they put in front of him and even got down on the floor to crawl and walk right at the end!  I think it went really well!  We did have to tell them several things that he does (like sign language) because he refused to perform at times but for the most part he did great!  He is still delayed in his gross motor skills but we already knew that.

I just wanted to share this with all of you that haven't had a follow-up yet and have the same concerns I had going in.  Your LO may suprise you!

Re: NICU follow-up appt was today

  • I am always so nervous for those appointmets!  Glad to hear he did so well!

  • That's good to hear!!  Way to go Drake!

     I'm used to telling people, oh yeah Isaac is doing this, and then we stare at him forever as he basically stares back, like what on earth are you staring for mom, i'm not going to do a thing while that lady is here.  :) 

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  • That is so great.  I'm glad Drake was willing to do some things for them.  Yeah!

    How did it go with my two favorite NICU follow-up staff members?  Was it okay?

    Olivia has her two year follow up (last one -yeah!) soon.  I'm nervous.   Supposedly they were less than postive about Olivia possibly making improvements.  Hopefully she will show them like Drake did!

  • That's great that the appointment went better than expected. Cash too folds under pressure...so as I brag for weeks he sits with a blank expression and doesn't perform that task I so frequently bragged about. I carry the camera now everywhere and have it on the video settings, just so I can catch him in action!!

    Way to go Drake!!!

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