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So i'm pregnant, and thinking bout where i want to deliver. I saw the commercial on TV and it looked REALLY nice and Fab! what do u guys think? besides its right by my house :)

do u have any ob/gyn recs?


Re: Henry Ford West Bloomfield

  • LOL- I wish I lived closer to that hospital because I'd LOVE to deliver there.  It sounds really nice.  I've heard good things about the hospital though in general even before this fancy redo.  DH use to go there and he was happy.  I know people who've delievered at other Henry Ford hospitals and have been happy.  They have a pretty good reputation overall
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  • My husband is a local doc and he went on a tour of the facility and he said of all the hospitals he's been in , this was BY FAR the nicest and most organized with a great staff on board. I don't know many OB from Henry Ford just Botsford and providence!

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  • I think it would be beautiful to deliver there, however, I am a nurse practitioner who has worked in critical care for years and always think of the worst case scenario.  I want a facility that has EVERYTHING (NICU especially) just in case.  I would be devastated if my baby was transferred to another facility, which can happen if they need speciality care.  Mom's don't go with either. 
  • CMM05CMM05 member

    My office is delivering there now......Women's Health Care Physicians.....they are at 15 & Orchard Lake. There are 5 OB's in the office and I LOVE them all.

    I had my DS at Huron Valley, but my next baby will be delivered at Henry Ford and I'm excited.

    FYI: There IS a NICU at the new Henry Ford West Bloomfield.......even if there weren't, I would want my child to be sent to Children's and not Beaumont, so regardless, I wouldn't choose based off of that (but that's just my opinion......)

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  • CMM05- how many female ob's do u have in that group??
  • I to go Womens Health Care Physicians too. I had my first 2 children with them, and will be delivering my 3rd in September with them at HFWB. Sooo excited about the new hospital!!

     There are 3 women- Cambell, Cornelius, and Gordiner- they are all fabulous. 2 men- Oberon and Markowitz- they are both great too, just in their own "man" way ;)

     BTW... I live in dearborn, and I think they are worth the drive to WB!

  • I, too, currently go to Women's Healthcare Physicians!!!  I LOVE them all.  Go with confidence that you will be well cared for! Can't say enough about the office staff and the doc's there....THE BEST EVER!!!

     I drive all the way from Rochester Hills!  Had my first two sons at Huron Valley with the physicians at this practice. Wish I could deliver at Henry Ford but they won't accept my insurance.  :(

     Hope you all have a great experience at Henry Ford, looks like a great place to deliver!

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