XP:What does a skin reaction/allergy to laundry soap look like?

We ran out of our natural laundry detergent, crunchyclean (etsy)!  My husband bought All Clear, the concentrated version that we never used before. 

I THINK the timing is right, and my 2 year old son has been having these weird skin issues.  He has what looks like mosquito bites on his thighs mostly.  Last week he was at the doctor for something else (bad breath!) and the doctor looked at them but couldn't really give a good reason for them.  Skin irritation.  They are clustered, red, no discharge.  

Well I'm worried because now I've found some on his chest, his arms, and one on his face!  He also just screamed  and screamed for 45 minutes, refusing to nap.

I took out his linens and am washing them, looked under the crib for a spider's nest (nothing), and left a message for the doctor.

So does this sound like a skin irritation to the new soap?  Its weird because you would think that that stuff would be the best commercial stuff.  ??  If it does sound like a reaction to All Clear, then I'm out of luck washing his sheets and blankets in that soap!

 Wow, I miss CrunchyClean!!  I wonder if she would take a rush order?!

Re: XP:What does a skin reaction/allergy to laundry soap look like?

  • If crunchyclean is a powder, it's not unusual for there to be a reaction to All Clear. My DH is allergic to any liquid detergents, even the free and clear stuff. My two boys aren't really allergic, but their skin gets drier unless I use a free and clear kind.

    With my DH, his reaction is more like a bad rash. The bumps are very tiny and it itches. The entire area gets red and inflamed. I wouldn't describe it at all like mosquito bites. My first guess would be it's not caused by the detergent. I hope you figure it out. It does sound like some kind of bug bite though.

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