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Circus Question.... anyone going?

We would like to take J to the circus today, after thinking about it, I decided it was worth a shot....

Did I understand right that age 2 and under were free? That is what it says on the webpage, but when I called to ask- the guysaid there was charge (sam as adult) for anyone over age 1.

I was just curious if anyone got around that somehow.

Also, anyone know of any coupons?


Re: Circus Question.... anyone going?

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    It is free for anyone who has not reached their second birthday yet.  Once you reach your second birthday, you must have a ticket.

    Have fun!  I really think J will like it!

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    We're going at 7 tonight!  I know we got some coupons with our Time Warner Bill (after I already bought tickets of course!) they were for $5 off!  I'm almost positive that under 2 is free!  Have fun!  I'm sure Jackson will love it!!!
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    Well they made E have a ticket (same price as adults).  It was WAY too long.  If we had left at intermission it would have been perfect.  He loved watching, but after intermission it went down hill FAST!  Between him and my nephew I was ready for a nap.  LOL.  The two of them kept climbing up and down between DH and I and the ILs who actually were sitting right behind us.  So it was pretty tiring.  But he was enthralled until after his bed time.  SO I would say go.  Just be prepared that you might not make it the entire time.

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