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Kettering woman BFing while driving

Like, seriously, could you be ANY stupider. If you want your "dumb" for the day watch the video.... stupid b!tch!

Re: Kettering woman BFing while driving

  • Wow.  I love that she admits she'll do it again if her baby is hungry.  Some multi-tasking just shouldn't be done (obviously).
  • this is CRAZY!!   I am reading this to DH saying she was breastfeeding her baby while DRIVING....and talking on her PHONE!  DH responds with "Was she smoking a cigarette too? That would be the ultimate multi-tasking!" 

    I just can't believe that she doesn't see how it is dangerous. I mean yes walking down the street could result in you getting hurt but if you get in an accident your baby WILL get hurt.....grr.  Sorry to ramble I just can't believe some people. 

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  • I love that she was also on her cell phone. How many hands does she have?! And she said she'd do it again if she had to. WTH!?
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  • That is riDICK!!  I'm speachless
  • Holy cow!  AND talking on her phone?  Really?  How do you hold baby to the breast, drive the car, and use your phone all at the same time?  Someone enlighten me because I am not getting it.  180 days in jail is not enough IMO.  The moron will be doing the same thing come Monday morning.  Some people should not be allowed to breed.
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  • WOW, that is pretty much all that I can say here. I have BF'd with Rylee strapped in the carseat while DH drives and that is a challenge let alone while driving myself and talking on the phone at the same time. Geesh.
  • I think it is so ironic that this happened today, because 6-12 was totally flaming some girls that said that they had bf in a moving car and I'm pretty sure they weren't even driving!

    That lady is CRAZY!  So what if your baby eats at the same time everyday, I think he/she could have waited til you dropped the kids off at school.

    And don't you love how she referred to her child as it, as in "If my child is hungry I'm gonna feed it."  So sad.

  • Omg - I saw this lady's interview on the news, and I was just outraged by her disregard for child car safety...Yes, the baby is hungry, so you should just pull over you idiot!!
  • I'll leave the carseat safety issue alone since that is clearly idiotic and we've already talked about it, but I want to talk about the 180 days in jail away from her children.  If you're really a good mother, what do you think would be harder on your child--making her wait 10 minutes to eat or being having her be seperated from her mother for 180 days?  THINK ABOUT IT IDIOT!  I can't believe she would risk that and says she would do this again if "necessary."
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