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ever heard of a napnanny?

I didn't know these things existed, and would be perfect for reflux babies or babies that get a lot of ear infections, but dang are they expensive:



Re: ever heard of a napnanny?

  • That's pretty cool.  When I read the subject line, I was thinking that it was someone you could hire to babysit while you take a nap.  LOL
  • never heard of it! I just tell parents to let the baby sleep in the carseat since it's more upright. Same bottom line, less expense.
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  • Oohh, Eli would have LOVED that!  We did let him sleep in his carseat for awhile, but this would have been much easier.  And you could probably put this in the bassinet, and we couldn't do that with the carseat.  He slept on a wedge in the NICU.

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  • LOL--I was thinking the same thing, ECU!

    But that's pretty cool! Holly would love that. She has the Boppy wedge sleep positioner, but she keeps squirming towards the bottom, so I'm thinking we'll have to quit using it b/c I'm afraid she'll suffocate on the side bolsters. :-(

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  • Great idea but super expensive!!!

    Avery just slept in her carseat for the first 2 mos...then we elevated the head of the crib. Much cheaper! :)

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