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Oh crapola.

So I just posted something on the Flame Free Friday board over on 6-12 about how I've nursed G. in a moving car a couple times. I realize I jumped into the viper's nest with that one and boy, they let me have it.

I am so not about child endangerment and those of you that have met me know what kind of person I am. But feeding my kid in a car came out of necessity, not because I felt like 'living dangerously'. I was stuck in traffic in the back seat of a freakin Lincoln Town Car with my folks and we couldn't get off the interstate. And I haven't done it since she was about 3 months old.

I should have known better (both to post and nurse in a car), but a part of me thinks it was really funny how the girls reacted. They're all over there with torches ready to burn me at the stake. Do you think they'll call child protective services on me?

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Re: Oh crapola.

  • What is the point of calling it Flame Free Friday?  I won't call the po pos on you (lol)!  Hey you got to do what you have to do!
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  • Vipers nest is right. Im sorry you got flamed for nursing in the car, but honestly I dont think it was right for anyone to judge or flame you at all. Im sorry. I can honestly say that I have taken Cam out once while in traffic too to do a quick nurse because she was so upset. Whats the point of flame free confessions? just ignore the snakes!
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  • Well, I understand their reaction, but clearly you know how dangerous this was for both you and the baby.   I've heard stories like this a few times and just never understand what the circumstances are that would cause you not to be able to pull off to the side of the road at least.  But....I wasnt there, so I dont know.  Even if someone was stupid enough to call....how would they find you?  And there's no proof...and it was months ago.  I think you're ok.  Flame Free Friday....lol...what a joke!
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  • No flames here- I will admit (sheepishly) that I did it a couple times when Gavin was a newborn.  For one thing, while I was BF, I had a severe reaction to his crying and it was physically painful for me to NOT nurse him when he would cry so severely.  Also remember that he had collapsed a lung from crying so hard after birth, so I was super paranoid about not letting him get too worked up.  But I always had DH pull over as soon as it was safe to do so.  Look, sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.  Flame free friday... hahahaha!






  • Whoaooh....they lied about it being Flame free huh? :)
  • They are so evil over there, they never allow the flame free fridays to be flame free - but rest assured if you tried to flame one of the regulars everyone would jump all over you for that. It is ridiculous.
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  • Flame free Friday my @$$! I am sorry that they did that to you. You did what you had to do. C HATED the infant seat and had such severe crying fits always when I was drving alone and could do nothing for him. There were days the first month or 2 where I would take him out and be in tears myself by the time I pulled into our driveway. I wanted to rip him out of that seat in traffic SOOO many times. If I was BF I would have too.
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  • I never took Evie out of her car seat to nurse her but many times I leaned over her car seat to nurse her. ? I hated doing in because it hurt my ribs, but I had a terrible painful reaction to her crying. ? ?

    If I saw Flame Free Friday, I would immediately suspect they were looking for things to flame about. ?Those women are vicious! ?

  • I have been tempted to do it myself. Instead I took my seatbelt off and hung (that sounds awful) the ta-tas over the car seat. DH was freaking the whole time.
  • I just posted how much I love you! I love when they get all rilled up over stuff. I'm sure to be a fly on the wall in some of those households would be priceless. You did get them going though. lol


  • I am pretty legalistic when it comes to never taking Kate out of her carseat. HOWEVER ... there is no excuse for their being so mean to you. NO. EXCUSE. I am sorry they were so mean to you. We know how much you love your little girl. :o)
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  • Wow...I just went over and read the post and they definately got crazy.  But I wanted ask.....did you feel like your post was stated a little differently than what you said above?   I'm sure you didnt mean it the way it sounded, but you almost seemed proud of it or something.  That may be the impression that it left and thus caused the drama. 

    "I've nursed my child in a moving car and the kid wasn't in a car seat. Multiple times."  

    Both the mention of "the kid" and "multiple times"....just leaves a bad taste I guess.

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  • Well.....people are very judgemental and you know the dangers.  I will say, when I was at my first job, this lady dropped her husband off at work and drove home....she didn't strap the baby in the car seat all the way and it was only like 1 mile to her house.  A car ran a 4 way stop, side swiped her and the baby was killed.........  The force of impact was not that hard - well the car wasn't going THAT fast when it hit them, its just the baby flew out fo the carseat.  I know people would jump all over her - as what she did was really stupid....and the guilt she felt for years was so sad to witness.  ANYWAY, anytime I ready about anyone who has a baby in a moving car not strapped in, I think of her.  I try not to jump down anyone who does risk this, but in my mind I think....what is so important that you can't just stop.

    Anyway, just wanted to give my 2c......  I know you would never do anything to hurt cute lil G.  Sometimes when people react passionately about something, its because there is a story behind it you might not know. 

  • I just have to laugh ....with my parents generation, my mom carried us home from the hospital in her arms in the back seat of the cars.  I don't even think they had carseats back then. 

    I didn't read the other post.  I barely have time to keep up with this board, but I wanted to comment.  I don't know what the circumstances were at the time(s) you nursed in a car. We were once dead stopped on a highway (there was an accident and we were on our way to Florida for vacation last year.) We had already been in the car for several hours, all bottles were gone, screaming child and we couldn't even pull off the road cause we were in bumper to bumper traffic.  I hopped in the back seat, nursed Ava, it was over in 10 minutes and she was fine. So, my point is that I try to not be judgemental because I think sometimes certain circumstances might warrant a behavior out of the ordinary. I know we all are human and sometimes make mistakes as moms.  I'd like to think that no one would would intentionally remove their child from the carseat and put them at risk of being badly injured. 



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