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Has anyone heard of or used Pre-seed or Pre-conceive??  Thoughts?  Pros/cons?  I have heard about it on boards, but wanted to get a possible opinion on here.  Anyone know of a place here in SA that sells either of these?? 

Re: Pre-Seed??

  • Yes...we used Pre-Seed...with charting ovulation and that...we got PG the first month we tried.  Who knows if it was REALLY the Pre-Seed...or just good timing!


    You can get it at speciality pharmacies...Stone Oak Pharm, Oak Hills Pharm.  Or you can go to their website and get a free sample.  I would try it out before you buy a bunch.  I have about 4 tubes still in my nightstand drawer!  LOL


    Good luck!

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  • Hmm, I haven't heard of it. Charting and OPK's worked for us.  But Michelle seems to know  a lot more.....

    Michelle, what is pre-seed?  Is it a compound that supposedly gears you up to ovulate?

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