Cookbook Fundraiser Spinoff - Thoughts

I just thought of this and want to know if it is tacky.?

My coworkers are throwing me a baby shower in a few weeks. We haven't been matched yet, but we are optimistic and know that once it happens I will be out of work for several months. My coworkers know we are having to buy a lot of stuff and wanted to space out my showers. Our families will probably be throwing showers in their respective states after baby arrives.

Okay, the cookbook. I work with a lot of people in our company so my assistant has invited about 70 people and has asked them to cook something. Our folks love to cook. At Xmas we had a potluck party and all the ladies were talking about how we should put together a work cookbook with the recipes from the dishes cooked. This got me thinking.

When the official invites are sent out, what if we asked each person to bring in a copy of their recipe with their dish. I could collect them all and then make cookbooks and sell them. Would that be tacky for me to profit? If I told them ahead of time what I was doing to help with adoption costs, would that be less tacky?



Re: Cookbook Fundraiser Spinoff - Thoughts

  • Run it by HR.  At first glance, no, I don't think it's tacky at all.  if you have coworkers who are goood in the kitchen, hit up nesties, your church, whatever.  If they make such awesome food, chances are someone would pay for their recipes, esp for a good cause.


  • imagefredalina:

    Not sure the environment at your work, though.  They sound very supportive (sooooo jealous!).

     No kidding!  I am dreading certain coworkers finding out. 

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  • Thank you. Yes, I'm very blessed to have such a wonderful company and coworkers.?
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