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those that pump

How many bottles do u use a day? Do you mostly breastfeed and just use a bottle here and there? I'm curious because I don't want to confuse her with the bottle and me. I think they say after 3 weeks it's ok, right?

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     I don't think there is such thing as confusion. I pump just about all day. Mostly because I work, but when i get home from work and somethimes at night I nurse him and he takes both just fine.
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    In the beginning, she got one bottle a day so I could sleep for 6 hours (DH fed her the bottle).  She has never had any problem going back and forth.  She still usually gets one or two bottles a day now that I am back at work.
    Finley Anne ~ 11.9.2008
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    From 3-6 weeks I gave him one bottle every other day.  Then 6 weeks til I started work he got one bottle a day.  Now he gets 3 a day while I am working (4 days a week) but BFs the rest of the time.

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    Jude gets anywhere from 1-3 bottles a day, and the rest of his meals are at the breast. One bottle is late at night, when DH feeds him, and the others are if I have class or go out for some errands.
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