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Baby food-makers come in...

If you make your own baby food at home I was wondering what you use to store it?

 I'm starting to make my own baby food this next week and was wondering how to store it in the freezer. All the web sites I've read suggest freezing the food in ice cube trays then putting the frozen food-cubes into zip-lock bags but what do you put the food in to take it out with you if you have to feed baby while out and about?

Oh, and any tips or tricks for me would be appreciated :)


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Re: Baby food-makers come in...

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    I bought a ton of freezer-safe little plastic containers (I think they're Glad brand). ?They're big enough that the food doesn't fill up the container, so when I thaw there's room to add cereal if I want to thicken it up. ?They were much cheaper than some of the "special" baby food containers on other sites.
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    i use silicone ice cube trays.  i just made my first batch today so i'm not sure if i'm going to pop them all out and put in bags or just leave them in the trays. 

    when we start tomorrow i will reheat on the stove, pour in a small glass bowl and ad bm.  

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    I bought some boxes of Stage 1 Gerber foods--the kinds I didn't feel like making myself--and a few ice cube trays. If we need to travel with his food, I put a cube or two into a leftover, washed-out Gerber box. Actually, putting one in the night before makes it perfectly thawed for mixing with other things in the morning even if we're not going out that day, no microwaving needed.


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    I bought Baby Cubes & love them.
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