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PG related ?

My friend is 6 wks pg and was put on bedrest today b/c implantation happened low in her uterus.  Her dr was really vague, but mentioned that m/c is more prevalent in these cases.  I want to be able to comfort her, but Google didn't bring up much.  I had placenta previa, but nothing came up about low implantation at my 6 wk u/s.  Any words of wisdom?  tia!

Re: PG related ?

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    I thought that is what placenta previa was since the placenta grows where the egg implants. 

    I'm sorry I can't help but good luck to her - bedrest already...ouch!

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    The only thing I do know is that the implantation site can move. I know at my early u/s mine was in the front and she said "a bit low" and toward the end the placenta was at the top and toward the back.
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