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Those with a cleaning person in an urban area

How much do you spend and for what services?

I live in Boston and the going rate seems to be $75 a session for a 2 BR condo. We have 3 bedrooms, but only use 2. Most people seem to do every other week.

DH wants to keep it to a budget of $100, so I am thinking of one throrough cleaning a month.  Does that seem reasonable?


Re: Those with a cleaning person in an urban area

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    What you've seen is what we pay (similar amount of space, similar price) which seems to be on the low end around here.
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    We pay $60 every two weeks for a 1 bdr.  We are in NYC.  That seems to be about average.  Any cleaning service I can get is appreciated.
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    we pay $80 every other week for our entire house (4 bed, 2 bath, kitchen, dining, living room, family room)

    we live in NJ (30 min out of NYC)

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    We have a weekly cleaning lady.  She cleans our entire apartment (2000 square feet, 3.5 bedroom) and does all our laundry, including DS's.  We pay her $120/week-- ends up being about $8K/year (with bonus).
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