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What can I take for a cold?

Is there anything that I can have to relieve sore throat/stuffiness? Is Airborne ok to take?

Re: What can I take for a cold?

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    I just went to my PCP on Wednesday with the same symptoms.  Because of EBFing, I can't take anything for my symptoms.  Basically, the dr has me using Vicks Vaporub on my upper lip (sexy, I know), taking Ibuprofen for fever and using a Neti Pot (get at CVS and it uses warm water and a saline mixture to clean out your sinuses) twice a day.

    If you aren't BFing, I'd head to the doc for a script of something.  Only if mine develops into a sinus infection in a week will they give me an antibiotic!  I've heard other moms refer to kellymom's website, too.

    Feel better!

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    Thanks! I am EBF so that helps a lot...being sick is no fun
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    My concern was that my son would get it, hence my rush in to see her.  Fortunately, she said that he is getting my antibodies but eventually he will catch something from me. Ugh.

    So far, he is healthy and happy.  I've been washing my hands like crazy around him and using Purell like a fanatic.  Oh, because of the BF, the doc recommended I increase my fluids by 20% because of the dehydration factor with nursing and having a runny/stuffy nose.  Drink away, the more the better to wash it out of your system.


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    So helpful - thank you for the tips!
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