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SIL is pregnant (not good)

I just found out last night that my SIL is due in May. I just saw her last weekend and she did not look pg at all (I didn't know at that time).

She is with this guy who is no good at all. They have been together for about 4 years or  so. Right after we got married (june 2005) they moved down south. They both ended up in jail for some time (don't want to explain is a long story, but the charges were dropped b/c of lack of evidence). 

Anyway, she was pg before. She had an abortion b/c she didn't know what to do (this was shortly after they got out of jail). Well, now she is pg again...I can't belive she didn't learn from the first mistake!

All I can do right now is hope that she is at least going to the Dr. I also hope that she is not drinking anymore or not doing drugs (we know she drinks alot...just no concrete evidence on the drugs). I just hope this kid turn out OK...that is my only concern right now. 

My SIL is a beautiful, smart girl and she deserves someone better than this loser, but she just doesn't realize it. It's really sad!

Re: SIL is pregnant (not good)

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