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Can I eat ground beef while pregnant?

So I always thought the answer to this question was, "Yes, of course! With gusto!"  However, today I talked to my doc about an upcoming vacation and she said be sure you don't eat ground beef or salami - however cheese (even soft) and sausage (like hotdogs) are okay.

 What?!?!  I guess I should add that I live in Germany and so this is all funneled through my fair/poor German.  This is my second baby and I thought I'd figured out all the "rules" while I was pregnant with my first.  I guess since I was pregnant with DD in the US the rules/culture of childbearing are different.  Who knew?!

Re: Can I eat ground beef while pregnant?

  • ::headdesk::

    Maybe the beef in Germany is... not so great? idk. That's weird.

  • I would die without ground beef....give me a Burger! 

  • Unless it's raw I would go ahead and eat it.
  • At first I thought, are you kidding me!?!?

    But then I read the inside of your post. Maybe it has to do with where you are going. Is it possible that the location you are going to puts other meat in their "ground beef"?

    That's the only thing I can come up with. Good luck, and I hope you find out.?

  • Hmm... yeah from what I was told, you can't eat un cooked hotdogs, or unpasturised products (sp?) However we can eat ground beef from what I know.
  • I find that very strange considering ground beef is cooked. I mean if you can eat steak why can't you eat ground beef?
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  • IDK what the regulations on meat are in Germany, but in the US, yes, it is fine to eat ground beef. However some soft cheese are not pasteurized and should be avoided.
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  • That's weird. Usually you hear not to eat hot dogs and cheese.

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  • I'm not too worried about it - I'll listen to my doctor because she's my doctor and I don't mind skipping ground-beef.  Mostly, I just thought it was a little wacky - cultural differences never cease to amaze me! :) 
  • My Dr. has never said anything... unfortunatly by biggest pregnancy aversion so far has been to ground beef though! It tastes like sand latley. yuck, I hate that cause you can make so many cheap and easy meals with it! We have like 50lbs of it in the freezer right now! (We were given 1/2 of a cow from an all organic butcher as a wedding gift, weird yes, super useful and $$$saving, for sure!)
  • My doctor specifically told me that hamburgers are fine so long as they are cooked all the way through.  Maybe meat in Germany is different?  Weird.  Do you know any German women who are pregnant who you could ask?
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  • i was seriously about to tell you that you don't belong in second tri from the headline of this post, but then i saw you said you live in germany- i can't imagine how hard it must be to have that language/culture barrier. 

    good luck.

  • I wouldn't eat it if you're going to the Dominican Republic....I don't think the beef is actual beef....
  • Just make sure it's well done. They probably wanted you to be more cautious, and not risk it not being fully cooked.
  • haha well if that is true by poor little man is in serious trouble!!
  • Huh??  My doctor didn't say anything to me about ground beef.  I've been eating hamburgers like crazy so my baby might be in trouble then Surprise
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  • Last time I was in Germany (like 10 years ago), I ordered what I thought was meatloaf and it came out a giant slab of salami. So many your doctor thought ground beef=deli meat of some sort. Just an idea!

    It's definitely ok to eat what we know as ground beef in the US.

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  • I know I can't donate blood because I lived in Germany and there could be a risk of Mad Cow.  I thought that was all cleared up.
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  • I, too, was thinking Mad Cow.  I do know that Mad Cow isn't killed by cooking it.  That could be his concern. 
  • Other countries don't have a USDA to regulate beef and pork products. That's probably the reasoning behind the "no ground beef" rule there.  Cheeses and hotdogs may be okay due to stricter regulations (?). Or they could be imported. I'd just stick to the Dr's advice. That's why they have the degree! LOL!

    H & H trip to you!

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