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feeling disconnected with friends

I swear I can't jungle it all.  I'm a mommy, wife, and working woman.  These days my friends come last.  That's okay, but I still want to have a little bit of a social life and need my girlfriends.  They have always been such a good support, but now I feel like I don't have a free second to catch up with them and they are slipping away.  NONE of them have kids and they have no idea about motherhood and that's all I can talk/think about lately.  How do you connect with you childless friends?  I'm feeling bad about it.

Re: feeling disconnected with friends

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    My BFF has no kids yet (she's pg now).  After having DD1, it was really hard to find that balance.  But, after about 6 months, I decided I needed to make time for myself, which included my BFF.  Now we do something once a month.  I schedule a date, make sure DH is available to watch the kids, and we go do something together.  Usually it's a pedi and lunch, but sometimes it's a bigger deal-like a day at the spa.
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    my baby is only 3 weeks old (i have to keep reminding myself of that) but this is SO much work! I feel like I will never have a second again to catch up with friends or hang out with them. Its been really getting to me.
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    I feel a bit disconnected with friends too.  What I do is try to go to lunch with friends once a week.  My DH watches DD during his lunch so that I don't have to bring her with me.  Also, I try to go to get-togethers about once a month.  I bring my DD with me and all of our friends love seeing her.  I don't go to every get-together because I want to respect my friends without kids and their fun time.  Other than that I have been spending more time with fellow mommies.
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    yes, i was just thinking about this today. gosh im so busy that i totally neglected my friends, and they don't understand i still love them, its just hard for me to make time right now. I am getting better at talking to them, hopefully i can get my husband to help me out once in a while and watch DD so i can go out....


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