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What do you wish you did NOT buy?

I'm popping in from the 0-6 month board.  Just curious on some items you purchased for your baby that you totally seem unnecessary now.  What would you return if you could?

Re: What do you wish you did NOT buy?

  • I received them as a gift but Dr. Brown bottles. DS always had bad gas with them. Everything else we used at some point if not for too long.?
  • PNP, bath seat, infant shoes, mobile (I bought one that matched the bedding and it lasts all of 60 seconds - pointless)...I'm sure there is more that I can't think of at the moment.
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  • The crib bedding set. All you need is a bumper and sheet. I wish I would have saved the money.
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  • FIL bought ds a walker. He hated it and his feet never touched the floor properly. He'll be walking on his own before he's tall enough to use the damn thing.

    A bumbo. We used it twice. It held ds in an awkward position that made his reflux worse.

    A bjorn. I wish we'd bought an ergo or at least a moby.

  • Hmmm.... I would all the pureed baby food... I dunno what to do with that!  Otherwise I'm a very cautious buyer and only bought when we knew it would be used and loved!
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  • Agree with the newborn shoes. We got those as a gift. For fun I put them on DS once.
  • Baby Sign Language book. Useless. He has no interest in learning to sign.
  • I use mostly everything except not once have I used her changing pad.  I always change her on our bed.
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  • PNP, Infant shoes, "outfits" that I had to have and he wore once IF THAT....I guess we didn't buy lots of stuff we knew we wouldn't use
  • the car bottle warmer. freaking useless when you use Avent bottles. newborn shoes. hell, any clothing that wasnt one piece with a zipper really. lol.

  • We have a great bassinett we didn't use with either kid - because we coslept and used the full-sized crib or pack-n-play. Neither of them liked the swing or the johnny jumper either. The crib bumper was pointless. A lot of the clothes ended up being the wrong season when we actually needed them (both of my guys are very big) - so keep the tags on clothes until you use them - I'm going to regift or try to sell on craigslist all the new clothes we didn't touch.
  • I second the walker. My aunt insisted on buying us one and DS still can't tough the floor and he's about to turn 1! He'll be walking before he can reach. A BIG waste of $50!
  • born free bottles. we ended up using dr. browns. if i could go back in time i'd buy one each of all the different bottles we liked instead of committing to so many we didn't use.

    i never used my boppy, but that was a gift. 

    and also a gift, but baby bath towel bags are kind of a waste. they grow out of them so quickly. and to be honest, our regular towels and washcloths would've been fine.

  • wow, this is so useful...thanks guys!  keep 'em coming :)
  • Definitely did not use the wipe warmer and yes the crib set bedding was a waste!  All you need is a few sheets and those crib sized piddle pads to put between the sheet and your mattress pad. 

    The other thing I wish we would have gotten was a baby bathtub that is also usable for a sitting baby and not just an infant. We've gone through 2 tubs already.

    The only shoes that have been useful are the little soft leather ones.

    I do wish we would have gotten a travel high chair and a grocery cart cover.

    Good luck!  I find different stuff works for different folks-

  • travel size p&p. we bought it b/c it was small and wouldn't take up lots of room, but she's now outgrown it.?


    bumbo seat. thankfully i got it used so i didn't pay much, but we only used it when i was hanging laundry and had to put her down--why didn't i just put her on her tummy on a blanket? lol.


    read the book "parenting, inc." by pamela paul.

    from cover: "how we're sold on $800 strollers, fetal education, baby sign language, sleeping coaches, toddler coture, and diaper wipe warmers, and what it means for our children." love it! though i disagree with the baby signing part, my dd signs "doggie" and it's the cutest thing EVER!?

  • Changing table was completely useless. We never used it after two months (barely before then), and took it down by six months.
  • Many were gifts but for us receiving blankets & quilts.  We swaddled w/ Swaddle Me and have a huge pile of receiving blankets and quilts we'll never use.  I did get the stroller blankets from PBK and those are awesome.

    We don't use the wipe warmer - it's still in the box.


  • Ultimate crib sheets.
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  • Swaddle-me blankets

    Sling that DD never liked

    Nipple shields, nipple cream & other stuff like that that I never needed & never used.

  • Ditto the Bumbo. We used it, but not enough to justify the price.

  • Blankets. We have a ridiculous amount of blankets that were given as gifts and they have turned out to be a HUGE waste of space (so far).

    Bottle warmer will be given to someone because it is still in the box. WAY too many 0-3 and 3-6 clothes. DD could have gone from 0-3 to 6-9 just fine, but that is just the way she is built.

    Pretty much everything that I feared as being a huge waste of space or money, she has actually used at some point.

  • Born Free Bottles, my bumbleride stroller ( we ended up also getting a maclaren which we use all the time since it is lighter and just easier, bumbo seat, and pnp ( we just dont use it) also fancy newborn outfits- he was in onsies and cotton pants all the time in the beginning.?
  • I never really used the small infant sleep sacks.  I think those are a waste because I swaddled her.  I also never really used the infant bunting to put in the car seat.  I only used that a couple of times.  I wouldn't have bought that again.  The other thing is the infant baby bjorn carrier.  I barely used that.

  • I never used the Boppy.  It was easier just to pile up pillows.  The bedding set was basically useless and I wish we would have just bought everything sepeerate,  Our travel system was really big and bulky (Gracco Quattro Tour with Safeseat).  I wish I would have purchased the carseat and bought and snap and go, as I ended up buying a Mac and Chicco Trevi anyways.
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  • The Bumbo was a near-complete waste. He used it some, but not enough to justify the $40 I spent on it.

    Crib bedding. I fell in love with a set, and I do still think it's adorable, but there a so many other adorable things for much less money.

    Swaddle-Me. It was never used. Ditto with the Miracle Blanket. Luckily I was able to sell it on Ebay.

    The baby carrier I purchased. I only bought a cheap $30 Infantino one, but DS hates being worn. It's sitting in my hall closet after being used once for about 10 minutes.

  • Bumbo - he hates it

    Tummy time mat that doesn't double as an activity mat.  We had that boring surfing tummy time mat that we barely used.  I bought another activity mat with overhead toys to use for tummy time and laying on his back.

    Besides some clothes and shoes that we never got around to using (but will have another chance with #2), we've needed everything!  I'm surprised at some of the things mentioned in this post.  Definitely depends on the mom and baby.  We've absolutely NEEDED the miracle blanket, boppy, nipple shields/nipple cream, and many of the other things mentioned.

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  • bumbo- he hated it

    sleep sacks- we swaddled

    "outfits"- he lived in one piece sleepers or onsies (summer baby)

  • There were alot of things mentioned that I used. I used the boppy, crib bedding (draped the comforter on the rocking chair), swaddlers, and "outfits" (he got dressed everyday, whether I did or not). The things we didn't use were:

    Carrier and sling - we got cheap ones, but he hated it and it was used maybe once.

    Bassinet - it was a gift, but he did not like it and it would've been easier to use the PNP bassinet.

    Infant tub - we only used the sling portion of it up until he reached the 10 pound weight limit, which didn't take long.  After that we layed him in the tub on a towel, and when he could sit up, we got him a bath seat.

    Close & Secure sleeper - was a hand me down, but he didn't like it either and would flip out in it for some reason.

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  • Bumpo-we only used a few times and there was a very short period of time when DD was ready to sit in seat and when she could sit alone.  Also when she was in it she did not really care for it
  • The bjorn-like carrier- it's supposed to work up to 26lbs, well, we never used it once and tried to when DS was 18lbs and he wasn't anywhere close to fitting in it. We love our sling (still use it daily) and my grandma is going to make me a mei tai like thing so hopefully that will work better for us.

    crib quilt- waste of money- as are the bumpers, skirt, etc.  All you need are sheets.

    Wipes warmer.  Never used it one single time.

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  • fancy schmancy play mat.  nothing a blanket and a boppy can't do.  total waste of $80.
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  • Bumbo. Not really worth the price.

    Fancy outfits-- one-pieces are the way to go.

    Baby shoes-- they don't need shoes. 

    A mobile-- only runs for 30 seconds. Get a crib soother for the side of the crib!

    Two Boppys, one for upstairs, one for downstairs-- never used EITHER of these!

    Surfboard Tummy Time Mat-- she hated this. 

    Lots of stuffed animals-- she likes small plastic toys to wave around, not fluffy animals. 

  • ditto the bumbo (used it, but not enough to justify the price, it was a gift though)

    ditto the infant shoes and outfits (WHEN starting to walk, the soft soled ones are great and she lived in onesies until just about then too)

    ditto the changing table (we bought a great dresser and just put a pad on top, still love it!)

    ditto the wipe warmer (still in box)

    ditto the baby baths (we had great success with a bath sponge, for all stages. When it gets icky, just toss it. Target and bru sells them, but not online for much cheaper http://www.albeebaby.com/suincobasp.html)

    ditto bottle sets. (get one bottle, see if it works, if it doesn't try another. Start with the cheapest.)

    ?however, the bojn was worth every cent (was a gift though, if I were buying I would have bought a cheaper version)?

    We didn't buy much, when we discovered a need for something, then we found the right thing. That proved to be a great money saver, some kids like and or need something that is useless for others.?

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  • oh and?

    ditto crib set. (bumpers are debated, and not needed, the skirt is?unnecessary, the quilt you can't use until 1 yr. by then you might want to another pattern. All you need is just a nice sheet. )

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  • In order of cost:

    Graco SweetPeace Newborn Soothing Center...DD hated it

    Bumbo Seat...DD hated it (it was a gift)

    Mobile...hardly used


  • Bumbo, DS hated it, swing (we have a Graaco sweet peace) he just wasn't a swing baby, a bjorn DS much preferred the moby.
  • Well, I'm going to need to use it a lot, but I wished I had not registered for the Chicco Polly High chair. The tray is really hard to put on. Don't buy too many diapers and newborn clothes. You never know how big your baby will be. And I also wanted to tell you that we LOVE our Tiny Love crib mobile. It's really made for a child's perspective unlike some other mobiles that are cute for the parents. DS still loves it and it was great for him to practice tracking in the beginning. It plays for about 15 minutes.?
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  • wipe warmer, crib bedding (we only use the fitted sheet and the bedskirt), "paci partner"
  • I bought glass bottles which I love but they won't use them at daycare and at home he BF so those were a waste. ?I also wish I hadn't bought a bumper, I know they are probably fine but I was too paranoid to use it. ?I disagree with some of the previous posts..I love our changing table and we use our PNP all the time, we travel with it and keep it in the living room when we are at home. ?
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