Weird ? - if you or DH is Asian and the other caucasian

Is the Asian person's nose harder?  I am sure this sounds nuts but DH's nostrils are much harder than if you pinch his nose it's not as easy to do like mine.  I told him tonight that I don't know if it will change as they get older but both kids have his hard nose and he looked at me like I was nuts and then he felt my nose and laughed kiddingly asking what was wrong with my nose.  Just wondering if it's only DH.  And he's Chinese if that matters.
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Re: Weird ? - if you or DH is Asian and the other caucasian

  • His nose IS harder than mine! How bizarre is that? We're both totally cracking up over here now.
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  • now that you mention it, yeah, his is harder.  Never really thought about it before.  DH made a comment yesterday that he thinks DD has his nose and how he wishes she had mine.
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