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What size are you guessing for summer?

Em is in a 24 months right now.   She can also fit 2T pretty well.  2T pants on her fit perfectly. 

I'm guessing 3T shirts and maybe 3T/4T bottoms?

Good lord, I'm already buying my baby 3T's?!

Re: What size are you guessing for summer?

  • 12m are too short, but 18 are too long. We are rolling her 18 m pants. That is not true in the arms, which fit just fine

    She is skinny, so I think her pants ride low on her... I'm guessing 18-24

    but she is wearing a 2T parka now... it does hit her about her knees though?

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  • ack, we are buying 5's for summer
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  • I am buying 2T for summer. BUT if its from Old Navy I think I will have to do 3T. There clothes seriously drive me nuts, the sizes are never consistent!
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  • MC that's what I feel about Gymboree!  She always wears a size smaller in their clothes.
  • Well bw their clothes getting holes in there and their sucky sizing I want to be done buying from them (but I know I won't!!) lol.  I just bought B a shirt from there in 2T thinking she is in 12-18 and 18-24 months that is should fit fine, uhhh yea not so much. It fits just right, so if it shrinks at all then it won't fit and no way will it make it all through summer. ::sigh::
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  • umm. dd is 3... can wear some 2T, some 3T (mainly for sleeve length, some shirt length and a few brands pant length), she has an 18m skirt that she can wear (has the same skirt in 24m and it falls off of her), so I'm guessing 18m shorts. she'll wear dresses a lot.  I'm guessing some of her old 2T flowy dresses... some 3T dresses... and she has a 12m dress that she's worn for the last two summers that will probably be knee length this summer, she'll wear it, I'm sure.

    She has a very small frame. and is in big girl "princess pants" .. no diapers/pull ups. That makes a big difference too. 

  • we've also found gymboree to run huge. dd cannot even wear much of their stuff anymore. last summer (2 1/2yrs) she was wearing some of the 12-18 m dresses she had from the previous summer.  But old navy seems to run small.. which has been really helpful for us.
  • Our summer will be here in a couple months, so I will probably start with 18M and end with 24M since summer is at least 6 months here!  I am sure the summer dresses will be worn in one size all summer.  She is pretty tall and skinny.
  • Ditto BrittneyCC - summer starts in April and ends in October here. We'll probably start the summer in 18 mos, which is what she wears now, and end in 24 mos. However, DD is on the small side, so we may never get to 2T, since some 18 mos stuff still doesn't fit her.

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  • Jack is 28m. I'll buy him size 2 shorts and size 3 shirts.
  • I will probably buy 2T because he is just fitting in 24 months and I don't mind if things are a little big. I can't wait for shorts and t shirts!
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  • Mine currently fit well in their 24m size. ?They turn 2 in April, & I've bought 2T for Summer & 3T for next Fall (yes, I'm crazy & bought that far ahead!).
  • I'm assuming 18 or 24 month shorts...she's in 12 months now, but they are just starting to get short on her.  18 month pants are still huge on her, but she's always been small for her age.  I'm assuming 2T shirts..since she's got a bit of a budda belly :)
  • Im going to keep her at 24 mos....I was told by a few moms that they dont grow that much in their first year, I guess because most start walking and they get way more active...I think they either slightly lose a little (being so active and mobile) or stay about the same... We'll see!!  Heres to saving money LOL LOL
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