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how often do you get a ...

girls night




shopping day (without dc)


Re: how often do you get a ...

  • all are rare to null for me. Stick out tongue  used to have a girls' night nearly monthly.. but we've moved... no girls' to go out with yet.
  • girls night- haven't since DD

    manicure- it's been 6 mos

    pedicure- it's been 6 mos

    massage- haven't since DD

    shopping day (without dc) - haven't since DD

    But I am not complaining.  I am a working mom so I want to have her with me during my free time. 

    I will do better this summer (we're off) about getting away.


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  • close to never...

    I did however on friday get a spalicious facial

    thanks dh!

    (it was my christmas present)?

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  • girls night- Never

    manicure- Never

    pedicure- Before summer every year without fail

    massage- bwahahaha whats that!

    shopping day (without dc)- actualy today me and my mom went out

  • Never!

    (but to be fair, I never did any of those things except the shopping day before I had DD either)

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  • as often as I want really. My parents live here and would watch the girls for the day so i could do "pretty" things while dh was at work. and dh has no prob watching them for me to meet up with friends.
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