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does anyone else not have mom friends

Re: does anyone else not have mom friends

  • 1/2 and 1/2... most are married now.. and venturing that path to or in parenthood.. I'm from the south a lot of people still want to get married right out of school down there. we lived in sin for a few years first.  Wink  so many of my northern friends are not
  • I do...but that's hard in another way. 

    I am the last of most of my friends to have kids.  So when they were having babies I was there cleaning and taking care of the baby so they could nap, taking their kids to the park, etc.  Now none of them are "there" for me because they have their own kids. 

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  • What's IRL?
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  • in real life.

    I had my child young so none of my friends are really even married.

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    What's IRL?

    in real life

  • Ah-ha! Thanks :) Yup- we were among the 1st of our friends to have a baby, but many followed soon afterward, plus we met other families in our neighborhood.
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  • no, we had lots of married friends but none with kids

    we are are trying to meet some, but it's hard since we both work.?

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  • I've moved so much over the past few years that I'm down to one friend that I see and talk to - at least 3x a day, plus we hang out together all the time. Everyone else has kind of faded away. Thank goodness that friend is pg. I'm going to start going to the local parks when I know that everyone else is there - I'm hoping to meet some people. It's hard to make friends when your a SAHM in a new town.
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  • Most of my friends IRL are moms now.  It's just easier to spend time with people who understand the restrictions that children place on your lives.
  • nope, one of dh's friends have kids but their daughters are 6 and 12 so there is not much in common there besides she doesnt really like to talk about kids! i know someone at church that has kids about the same age as ds but we dont hang out together, i made some suggestions to get together but she never said anything back so i left it at that..
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