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BFP here in Canton!

Just introducing my self here - I am the one that asked about the new Women's Center at Northside Forsyth earlier in January. I am going to chose the Northpointe OB groups that delivers exclusely there. Anyway: here's an introdcution: Our son is 16 months old and at Christmas, my husband told me he was ready to have a second child (I'd been asking for a while). I had my IUD removed on the 8th. I got pregnant the first month with my son so I half expected to do so the second time around but knew the chance of doing that was like 4 %. But to encourage things along, I planned a weekend getaway for MLK weekend as this was when I thought I would ovaluate. All last week I "felt" pregnant - bloated, sore boobs, iffy stomach. I tested on Monday night with an EPT test and at first I thougt it was negative but when I pick it up off the window ledge, I notice a faint positive (faint second line). I then looked at it in better light and it was definitely there. I tested again with the other EPT test in the box the next morning (Tuesday) and again saw a faint line. I then waited a long two days and tested Thursday morning with FactPlus and got a much darker and clearer positive reading! I was hoping to get pregnant right way but I still can't believe it! So I am just under 5 weeks - it will be 5 weeks on Monday the 2nd. Wish us luck! My EDD is just 2 weeks after my son's birthday so I'll a two year old and a newborn so please also send energy our way!

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