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concerned...2 questions

1.  ds used to nurse for 30-45 minutes and now most feedings, i'm lucky if he nurses for 10 min.  he falls into a deep sleep and doesn't wake up. he's even learned to turn his head away or purse his lips so that he doesn't have to eat.  is this just a phase?  in one week, he gained 2 1/2 pounds. he'll be 3 weeks on tuesday.

2.  ds fusses in the late afternoon and at night when he nurses. but, tonight, i offered him a bottle of pumped breast milk and he gobbled it down. any ideas why?


Re: concerned...2 questions

  • 1.  Is he still having enough wet/dirty diapers?  He may have just learned to eat more efficiently, but three weeks is sort of young for that.  Maybe just try to keep him awake?  I used to tickle DS chin, move his arm around, talk to him, etc when he seemed to be falling asleep.  It would be enough to get him sucking again.

     2.  Probably because he was able to get the milk from the bottle faster than it comes when he nurses.  Be careful of doing that all the time, he is still little and you need to build your supply up - your DS is much more effective than your pump.

  • 1.  dd used to take forever also, she is not down to 10, maybe 15 minutes at a time.  when i met with an lc she said that she is just good at getting milk.

     2. probably b.c it is easier for him.

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