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What is the...........

Favorite thing your DC did this week?!
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Re: What is the...........

  • sleep last night.

     And this morning he put on his supahman underwears, socks and cape and told me he was the Chicken Noodle Soupen Hearno...which is Colin for Chicken Noodle Super Hero.

    Love that kid! And don't ask where the chicken noodle comes from!

  • DD has blown on every bite before she eats it.  Even on a banana. 
    It's been icy here so we've had soups, chili, stew and she's seen me blow on lots of her bites.  SOOO Funny.
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  • Paige hugged and kissed DH the other night before bed then she turned and said "Mom" and did her kiss face!  It was too precious!  She also has cried after me twice this week.  I really think she is starting to miss me :-)
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  • she has said about a million more things this week than ever LOL every day im like "wtf did you just say!??" its amazing.


    the funniest thing she did was when i asked her "hey are you going to keep your diaper on tonight?" she pointed at me with both hands like "guns" and said "yeaaaaaah" lol wtf.

  • Sara is speaking in full?sentences.?
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  • okay, so it is "Hi Da...da"

    but still! ?

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  • so many... but I undressed dd at the pedi office for her physical... she's sitting on the table and smacks her hands down onto her knees and says, "Okay! I get shot now!"  lol.  (no shots this time, sweetie!)... when we were leaving she turns and looks at me and says, "That's a GOOD doctor, Momma!" Big Smile
  • crap, it published b/f I got ds's up...

    for him... he repeated what we swear sounded like "when I see an elephant fly!" DD's been singing this (from Dumbo)... And we swear he sang what sounds like it when she was singing!  He copies her so much! 

  • She started saying please when she asks for things.  It's so cute because she does it in a really sweet voice and goes "Peeeeeeaaaass?"
  • he barked! dh was barking at him and ds barked back! it was adorable, but i keep telling dh that he needs to teach ds to talk not bark! lol
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