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DH got a kinda job last night

We decided we needed to take DH's best friend out to get his mind off his situation. So we went to the only club in our area (the boys used to work there as security so we get treated vip style). Well DH was talking to the newer manager telling him how tough teen nights could be and the manager said "ok well you can come help out" then asked him to work special events (ie concerts). So DH and his best friend will be starting back there next Saturday so guess what that gives me an excuse for:



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Re: DH got a kinda job last night

  • Awesome. That's good. Anything is good right now... times are so tough. Have fun... I am jealous:-)
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  • Yay, that's great!
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  • haha! That's great! Also, i love that little guy- adorable.
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  • How's my BFPB??
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  • I'm pretty good! I just got back from my niece's 2nd birthday party, so my baby fever is extremely high right now. How are you?
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  • How funny! But hey, it will keep the boys busy!
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  • Vera- everything is going quite well!! Don't you love the mega baby fever days!!

     KK- I agree to keeping them busy, but I know how annoying the drunk girls get! They love kicking people out though and will even do it when we go and they aren't working lol!

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  • The good thing is that my DH has some major baby fever from the party, too. All those little girls- he didn't have a chance.
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  • NEVER!! The men can be so cute!! We were cracking up at a boy in Target this morning that said to his mom "ok lets go, lets get out of the girly aisle (it was the vday aisle so his future gf's are in trouble!!) Then we were eating lunch and DH was watching this little girl whose dad seemed so bored with spending time with her...DH was so sad!
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  • That is so sad! There was one boy at my niece's party who wasn't quite happy with being there. He was one of her friend's little brothers, haha. He just walked around and waited for cupcakes. I'm sure he'd have issues with the V-day aisle, too.
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