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Hey mamas!  Any mamas here put their DC on Augmentin at all?  I just put Richie on it for his ear infection (after being on Amox. for the first 2 previously) and dr wanted us to be on this one for this current infection.

He has some diarhea (don't ask me to spell right now!) and I feel so bad for him...3rd ear infection and he is 20 months...grrrrr.

Re: Augmentin?

  • DS got put on augmentin last night! For 3 ear infections! UGH But it seems to be working well. Hope your little guy feels better with a quickness
  • We've just done Amox. 

    I am sorry he's hurting. 

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  • Yes, Emma has been on it before, most recently was a few weeks ago for a sinus infection.  She had diarrhea pretty badly the whole time she was on it.
  • The most current ear infection literature states...

    Most ear infections are caused by viruses so the whole "watch & wait" thing is recommended for at least 3 days. If DC isn't getting any better, then start the Amox or Augmentin. Amox is for "regular" bacterial ear infections or for those who don't get them very often. Augmentin is Amox + clavulanic acid (a component that kills resistant bacteria) and is given to those kiddos with recurrent bacterial ear infections. As for preventing the diarrhea associated with antibiotics, give live cultured yogurt once a day (one popular brand is Mountain High... sold at Albertson's, Ralphs and most grocers). This seems to help alleviate the diarrhea. GL!

  • augmentin is a LAST resort here. we switched from amox to ceclor and that worked.
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