POLL: Do you have any furbabies? What kind/breed? — The Bump
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POLL: Do you have any furbabies? What kind/breed?

I have a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel.......she three and our daughter for now Smile  Dh and I are looking at getting another dog and checking out the rescues and shelters in our area.
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Re: POLL: Do you have any furbabies? What kind/breed?

  • I have a 3 yr old Shiba Inu named Sawyer. I luff him
  • see my mutt kitties in my siggy
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  • We have a 9 month old golden retriever mix named Wesley.  He has the face of a retriever, but is short and long...not sure what he is mixed with!
  • Two kittens. One Chihuahua. One Netherland Dwarf rabbit. And one incredibly stupid Boxer Lab mix.
  • We have 4 short hair cats. Loki, Smokey, Bandit, and Ghost.
  • Two doxies.  3 yo male-Randy, 1 yo female-Leah
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  • Two kitties and one fat ass bunny
  • we have a 5 year old maltese named harley.
  • We have a 4 year old Maltese. DH bought her for me for our first Christmas. I love her more than anything!


  • Yes! Ashley is a beagle. We rescued her about a year and a half ago, and she's 3 (we think). We're a little obsessed with her, really...


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  • We adopted a Catahoula cur and a Calico Tabby fromt the Humane Society.
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  • I have a 3-year-old golden-retriever named Rooney, and a 1-year old cocker spaniel/cavalier king charles spaniel mix.

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  • I have my little cuddle buddy Brady a 3 yr old Boogle!
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  • I got my dog from a breeder a few years back and now I'm looking at the shelters in the area to actually "save/rescue" a dog.  I was at a shelter last weekend and two today and it's so sad to see all the Pit Bulls out there......I would love to get one, I just don't think it'd be the wisest choice for us.  Dh can't go with me either cause he's more of a dog lover than I am and gets upset at the shelters.  I will not buy on impulse......hopefully next weekend I'll have more luck!
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  • 3 dogs- all 4 yrs old and all female----

    We have a border collie, a german shepherd and a toy pomeranian.

  • We have a hilarious mini schnauzer named Harold.

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  • Not yet but we're getting a German Shepherd puppy in April!!
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  • Two cockapoos, Lucky and Butters. ?If I wasn't on my third drink, I would attempt a PIP...
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  • we have an english bulldog, roscoe wonka - the sweetest dog ever, and a black tabby cat- picabo
  • I have a chihuahua 8 yrs , a toy poodle (adopted, so unknown age) and a cat (4yrs).

    I think cavaliers are the sweetest dogs ever.

  • We have 2 german shepherd/husky mixes.
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  • Two black cocker spaniel mixes. Penny and Rowdy. They are our daughter and son for now! I love pound puppies!
  • I have a dog and a cat that we absolutely adore!

    We have a 5 yr old female german shepherd and a 15 year old female cat but I'm not sure what breed she is (half siamese and half blue something...she's dark gray). 

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  • My little girl is a Cairn terrier. She turns 4 this May!
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  • i just have my little miracle mutt baby Rooder who will be a year in march. although he was a pound pup so we dont actually know for sure but thats when we'll "celebrate" it. and the king of the jungle, our fat cat Tiger who is around a year and a half.
  • We have a 6-year-old Westie named Oscar.
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  • We have a 2 year old male Chihuahua, his name is Munchie. 


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  • I have 2 dogs. Max will be 2 years old in March and he is a Shepherd Mix and Chloe will be 2 in October, she is a Chihuahua/Shih Tzu Mix.
  • We've got a 3 1/2 year old pit...see below for pic!
  • I have a red merle miniature australian shepherd named Ernie (2 yrs) and a blue merle miniature aussie (but she looks and acts more like a border collie) named Zoe (2 yrs).

    The Sesame Street names were an accident. We got Ernie first and decided to get him a friend, so we went to pick up the blue merle and tried to pick names on the way down. I wanted to name her Macy (I saw a huge sign for Macy's on the way to the place) but DH vetoed and said he liked Zoe better.

    Wee-wee and Nee-nee for short.
  • I have three.  Pippi is a lab mix of sorts.  Her mom was lab/cocker spaniel and supposedly, her dad was lab/shepherd.  She has markings of a shepherd, but also has a lot of pit bull (love pitties) features as well.  She'll be 6 in May and I love her so much!  I also have 2 cats.  Molly is a gray tabby and is the little princess of the house.  She'll be 5 sometime this year.  We also have a Savannah (half domestic/half wildcat) named Tony who will be 2 next month.  He acts like a dog. :)  I never liked cats until I got Molly.  I love my kitties!

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  • <---------------------------- Scarlett, 2 yo Yorkie  She's so freakin cute and sweet. Also have a 7 yo black and white cat, Meico, who drives me crazy w/ begging and trash scrounging. Also a little albino froggie I got DH for xmas to replace the one who died right before our wedding, but he kept secret so I wouldn't be upset.
  • I have a mini Schnauzer also..her name is prada.
  • We have two fawn pugs, the girl (Regina) will be 5 on Valentine's Day and the boy (Luigi) tuned 1 last month.  We also have a 6 year old tuxedo kitty (Bella).  They are definitely our babies!
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