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Poop and Sleep ?

If your DC poops and falls asleep, do you wake them up to change the dirty diaper or do you wait for them to wake up from their nap?
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Re: Poop and Sleep ?

  • I change her as soon as I notice it.  I wouldn't want to sleep in my own poo so I just assume she wouldn't either.
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  • For poop, I would change.
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  • Lol.  I came across this situation for the first time yesterday.  I went to put DS down for his nap, and once he was in his crib, I could see he had small blow out!  For some strange reason, I didn't hear it happen when he was in his bouncy seat, nor did I smell it when I was rocking him to sleep for 5 minutes.  I didn't change him and I felt awful, but I figured he'd wake up when he was uncomfortable.  I knew he wouldn't sleep long and he didn't.  He was up within 45 minutes and that nap was over. 
  • i would wake ds to change him if he pooped.
  • One night, DS would NOT fall asleep. I'd get him ALMOST asleep and he'd poop. I didn't have the heart to let him sleep in poop, so I changed him. Then, got him ALMOST back to sleep- pooped again. He did this THREE times... in the middle of the night. Talk about frustrating. But I changed him all three times.
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  • I guess I'm the bad mommy here.  :)
    If I had heard him poop or had even had the slightest inkling that he had pooped, I would have changed him.  But where he was fast asleep in his crib before I even knew anything, I didn't have the heart to wake him. 
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