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Maternity clothing

I have officially outgrown all my pants. ?I went into a maternity store a couple to weeks ago and got overwhelmed at all the different types of pants (wide band, skinny band, elastic waist).

I would love any suggestions on where to shop and what to shop for.


Re: Maternity clothing

  • I loved gap maternity. Some baby Gap stores carry maternity stuff. I know there is a gap maternity in the North County Fair baby Gap. I also ordered al lot of stuff from Old Navy maternity. ?
  • Motherhood Maternity has jeans with a really slim belly band on the top.  I loved them.  You couldn't see them under shirts.
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  • Both Old Navy and Target have reasonably priced maternity clothing (although Target's selection is seriously lacking).

    I bought a nice pair of full panel Liz Lange jeans at the big new Target on Balboa/Genesee this week. They're cool cause they are snug and sexy through the leg and thighs, but then cut off at the button and turns into a super comfy giant elastic waist that goes over my whole belly.

    Also, I bought a BellaBand (also at Target) that I could use to hold up my pre-preggy pants that I can't zip anymore. That way I'm not spending incredible amounts of money a brand new wardrobe for only 9 months!

  • Modish Maternity in La Jolla is fabulous and very helpful. The staff is wonderful as well.
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