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Recommend your digital camera!

We are in the market for a new digital camera, since our last one died (and we're now using a cheapo digital that takes fairly crappy shots). 

We'd like to get one that is less than $500, that is easy to use but that also takes great pictures without too much fuss.  Ideally, it would be able to take pictures quickly, without having to pre-focus to eliminate that dreaded shutter lag so that we can actually capture the smile on Cedric's (and the new baby's face) when it happens instead of getting the look on his face just AFTER he smiles.  It would also be small enough to fit in a purse or even a pocket.  I really miss the old point and shoot film cameras, but my last one died as well and I would love to have the convenience of digital

If such an animal exists, and if you have one, tell me about it!



Re: Recommend your digital camera!

  • I'm not sure if you're looking for a digital SLR (large camera, seperate lenses, awesome photos, investment) or if you're looking for a digital point and shoot that's smaller and less expensive.  If it's the former we love our Nikons.  They have D60's with kits these days that are reasonable.  If it's the later I have a Canon PowerShot 1100 that does a great job for on the go.  One of my friends raves about her Panasonic Lumix though and swears it's the best point and shoot available.

    Good luck and have fun!

  • Canon Powershot! It takes great pictures and has a face recognition program that allows you to prepare the shot so that when Cedric smiles the shutter takes a quick shot. Its awesome!
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  • Another Canon Powershot fan here! I LOVE LOVE LOVE my camera. It's a few years old and I am still in love and really happy.

    It's really important that you get a camera that takes a picture FAST. So many people have digital cameras that you press the button and there is a few seconds delay- which makes ALL the difference when you are taking pics of little people!

    Happy shopping!

  • Thanks for the quick replies, ladies!  We are looking for a point-and-shoot rather than a digital SLR.  I have heard that the Panasonic Lumix is supposed to be fantastic, but I'm glad to hear such raves about the Canon PowerShot as well. 

    The delay is definitely a factor with the little ones.  There are so many shots I would have caught with an old film camera that I lost b/c of the delay with the digitals we have had, and I'm sick of it!  But I don't want to have to haul around a d-SLR (plus I don't want to drop that much $$$).

    Anyone have one of the Canon G-series cameras?  I read about those just now as I was googling this very question, and it seems that lots of folks compare the Canon G-series and the panasonic Lumix.  I just want a camera that I can point and shoot and take the shot then and there!  Why is this so difficult?   Aaarggh.

  • For our smaller digital camera, we have the Sony Cybershot which I LOVE. We also have the Nikon D80 for the bigger, better, but obviously more expensive one.
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  • The Canon G-series is great! I've been using their G-series point and shoots for about 10 years and they're wonderful. I currently havea  G7 and it's a great camera! If you go for those, the G10 is the latest and greatest! If you want something smaller, the Canon SD1100 is fantastic!

    However... I am also lusting after the Panasonic Lumix!

    As a professional photographer, the thing that is really appealing to me is that it can shoot in 2:3 ratio rather than that nasty 4:3 mode. When you shoot in 4:3, whenever you want to print a 4x6 image, everything gets cropped! How aggravating is that?? When you shoot in 2:3 which is technically a normal "full" sized frame, it is the right size for a 4x6 print which is really all I would ever want to make from my point and shoot camera (I save the big prints for my professional camera).

    Also the Lumix shoots HD video which I think rocks. Even though we have an HD video cam, I would love to be able to shoot HD on the go (our HDcam is enormous).

    Once I can afford a new point and shoot, it's going to be the Lumix all the way!!!

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  • Thanks, ladies, for the info.  I really appreciate it! 
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