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how you described riley is EXACTLY how mady is acting at night lol

i'll give her the paci and she will literally grab it and throw it across the room...but when i feed her, man she knocks out. when i heard her tummy growl yesterday it broke my heart so i went and grabbed a bottle.

we'll see this wknd how she weans...let me know on monday how riley did!

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Re: **nicksgirl**

  • Wow! Grabs the paci and throws it accross the room!!! That's intense! ;-) I am sure it's frustrating, but it sounds really cute!

    GOOD LUCK weaning this weekend!!!!!

  • mari the first time she did this we were both shocked! by now we're used to it lol ... i wish i could capture it on camera but thats the last thing on my mind at 3:30 am! lol
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  • LOL! Mady sounds like she's got an arm ;) We should put them in a crib together one night and let them CIO together-lol! At least they'll be in good company =) Riley gets so mad that she isn't getting the bottle that she cries and cries until she is practically holding her breath-UGH! Once she gets to that point how can you NOT give her what she wants??? And when she won't take the paci of course what else CAN you resort to BUT the bottle? Never ending cycle of bad habits- I tell ya! But, I totally think they know what they're doing and they don't need to wake up to feed in the middle of the night.

    I will try tonight with not giving her a bottle and letting cry for a while and if for some reason she gets hysterical (which she probably will) I will try to limit the amount of bottle she does gets-then try to stick the paci in. Ugh-I'm getting tired just thinking about it-lol!

    Good luck tonight and I'll be interested to hear how Mady does!

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  • Zoe also started throwing her paci! That's how I realized she was done with it! It got to the point where she would throw it every time I gave it to her, so now I don't even offer it to her anymore. Glad she weaned herself from it!  Good luck tonight girls! It's hard to do, but it's worth it to get your sleep back!
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