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Argh...wrong glider!

So, I took a half day at work today so that I could be home for Great Beginnings to deliver our glider. ?They appear, bring it in, set it up, and when I look it is completely wrong. ?It's a loveseat, not a small chair, wrong color, etc. ?I got really worried they'd have to reorder and that it would take 7 more weeks to get the right one. ?Luckily, they just delivered the wrong customer's chair and ours is still at the store. ?I'm pressuring them to get it to me tomorrow, but that looks unlikely. ?I'm disappointed because I couldn't wait to get it, and also because I lost a lot of time at work and may have to do the same thing next week. :( ?Boo....
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Re: Argh...wrong glider!

  • That sucks! ?My glider was delivered this week too, and it is heavenly! ?I admit I splurged on a Dutalier. ?We've had nothing to sit on in our TV room for 1.5 years...It has not been fun being a pregnant lady that must sit on the floor to watch a TV show. ?Enjoy your chair...I hope it comes tomorrow!
  • That is a bummer and sucks that you have to take off more time for them to come back.
  • GB will delivery on Saturdays, so you won't have to miss work.

  • Well, they hemmed and hawed and said the next Saturday delivery would be in another week (pushing it since the baby could really come at any point), but then they figured out a way. ?HOpefully we'll get the right one this afternoon! ?I'm really hoping it comes today. I can't wait for the nursery to be complete.
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  • That stinks.  Did you get it yesterday?

    I think a true measure of a store and their customer service is how they handle a mess up on their end.  Let us know how GB's dealt with it.

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