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So my co-worked was placed on bed rest yesterday at her doctor's appointment.  Her blood pressure was super high.  She's 36 weeks...


It's thrown me into overdive trying to get my lesson plans ready for my sub.  I just cannot even put my brain around it all.  I know I shouldn't complain.  If all works out, I am going to be out for the rest of the school year...but man...my head hurts from doing reading plans all night long! 


At least her little scare has gotten my butt in gear!

Re: Friend

  • Eek! I hope your co-worker is ok and the bp problems aren't too serious. Good for you for getting things done. I'm having the hardest time finding the motivation to finish getting our apartment ready. I think I'll go take a nap and forget about being productive for awhile. :P
  • I was put on bedrest at 24 weeks. Things don't get done but it's okay! My advice is to help out your friend! My friends are awesome. They have made us dinner and just come to hang out. It's so nice b/c I'm SO bored. You should be okay! Don't stress b/c that will effect your BP. You will get everything done and most likely will never have to be on bedrest. It's not very common!
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  • If you get a good sub, you shouldn't have to make many plans!  When I did a long-term leave in Northside, the teacher just left the scope and sequence binders for me and I got everything ready each week.  The one I'm doing now in Northeast, the team plans together each week and I help contribute. I know it is a lot of prep work though!  Good luck!!  ;)
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  • Yeah, I know...but my principal seems to think I need detailed plans for the entire leave.  LOVELY.  You know how  my class is Kate...they are ALL different...so it's like 5 different math plans for 9 weeks, 5 different spelling plans and list...etc....


    I'll get it done...it was just a huge wake up call this week when my co worker went on bedrest.  I've been working a lot more after school and at night!  FUN FUN!!


    Did I tell you how precious you are looking?? ;o)  Your siggy pic it too cute!

  • Michelle - that stinks that your principal is being so picky about your plans!  The long-term I did in Northside was at NCC and she taught ED kids grades 1-3, so I taught a different grade level each day for reading/writing depending on what group I had that day (the groups rotated through 4 teachers).  The math group I had was 3rd grade, and the science/social studies group I had was 3rd grade.  So she left the scope/sequence binders for math and science/social studies, but then assigned a "research" project for the reading/writing groups that took the rest of the year to complete.  The research project was easy to adjust to different levels. Plus, I used the KLRN clips on research nonfiction.


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