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Anyone that's been regular after stopping BCP

I'm one week away from taking my last BCP and I am super excited.  However, I don't want to get my hopes up too high because I'm afraid my cycle is going to be all out of whack.  Has anyone had a normal cyle after stopping BCP?  I have been on the pill for 10 years, so I won't even know where to begin when it's time to start "charting".  I'm sure it's been asked a hundred times before, but what is a good starter book for TTC? Thanks for your input!

Re: Anyone that's been regular after stopping BCP

  • My periods were regular after going off BCP.  My first cycle was 28 days, the next was 33......they were all different lengths and I O'ed on different cycle days, but I'd say they were regular.  I also charted and it helped me know what was going on.
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  • I was regular after stopping BC, but I was regular beforehand.  Start charting the first day of your period (fertilityfriend.com).

    I would definitely recommend reading Taking Charge of Your Fertility - it had so much good information. 

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  • I was so regular it wasn't even funny.  I took BCP for about 14 years...b/c of endometriosis.  I went off the pill and my cycles were 28 days...I got preggers after 2 cycles off the pill.  Very quick! 


    Good luck!

  • I have crazy long (37 days), irregular cycles when not on the pill. ?I was on them for 13 years, and it only took us 7 months of only semi-trying before I got a BFP after stopping. ?Just don't pressure yourself too much - stress is not good for TTC!
  • I stopped BCP and did my temperatures (Basal Body) b/c I'm a control freak. We weren't really trying but I wanted to see how long my cycles were. My first one was 36 days but I did get pregnant. My doctor said sometimes you can be more fertile the first cycle off BCP however you can also release 2 eggs. I thought I was having twins for awhile after that! I'm not though. Good luck!
  • My cycles were pretty regular after going off the pill (I was on it for 12 years). I took my last pill in June and was pregnant in August!
  • What about your weight and stopping BCP?
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