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finding a private school?

DS is 2 years old so it's time to start researching those private schools.  He'll be 4 before I know it.  I tried google but it wasn't much help.

 Any tips for finding a private school?  All theparents I know are either in public school or Catholic school.  Any tips would be great. I live in the Bronx but work in Manhattan.


Re: finding a private school?

  • What did you google?  Start with What preschool do you have him in?  If you don't have him in one, you should at least have him do classes somewhere (yes, they will actually ask what classes your child has taken in prep. for kindegarten Confused)  A lot of times the schools or class facilities will have recommendations, or are "feeder schools" for certain private schools.  It helps to socialize or do some supplemental mommy and me classes outside of your usual social circle, as other parents are a great resource.

    Here's a link for a pvt. school directory

    Here's a review site:  The best place to start is on the web researching if you really don't know anyone with a kid in pvt. school, and narrow down your choices from there. 

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