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Solids Question

I haven't found a real schedule to introduce solids to Olivia. We started out with cereal once a day for a week, then increased it to two times and finally added a vegetable as another meal. Naturally, she still takes her full bottle with each of these. She has pretty much conquered all her veggies. Doctor said we could start fruit after. My question is, where in the heck do I add this in? Also, curious to know how your little one's schedule was on solids? Olivia is cereal in the morning, veggies in the afternoon and cereal in the evening (sometimes with a little veggies). She'll be starting daycare in March so not sure how they normally do it as well. Thanks!

Re: Solids Question

  • We are still doing just one meal a day.  I never did cereal, I started with butternut squash.  I am also doing fruits and veg at the same time, not one first and then the other.  I will add a second meal in the evening in a month or so.

    As for when to introduce fruit, I would do it instead of the veggies or instead of the cereal.

    Have you checked out ?  It's a great source of info!

  • When we started fruits Mikey would get cereal in the morning with some fruit and then veggies for dinner with some fruit. Basically I'd take 1 stage 1 fruit and split it in half and offer half with breakfast and half with dinner. Until he was ready for a bigger portion at dinner time.
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  • We didn't start 3 meals a day til 6 months, but we did cereal for breakfast, fruit at lunch, and veggie at dinner. Now I also added fruit with breakfast and yogurt at lunch, and meat with dinner.
  • Jonathan has cereal only at night. Then the homemade puree for lunch (11:00 usually) with a fruit as a "dessert" lol (the puree is a mix of veggies)
  • Hmmm, if I remember, Nicky's feeding schedule in the beginning went something like this.

    Wakeup 5:30: bottle

    Breakfast 8:30: container of stage 1 fruit and 2 tablespoons cereal

    Lunch 11:30: container of stage 1 veggie, 2 tablespoons cereal, 4 oz bottle

    2:30: bottle

    Dinner 5:30: container stage 1 fruit or veggie, 2 tablespoons cereal

    Bedtime 7:30: bottle


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